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    North of Scotland Zeds

    Gary 62 -Black 370z -Blairgowrie
  2. Gary62

    Hello from Aberdeen

    Welcome to the forum
  3. Gary62

    Marty's black 370z

    Love the wheels ...
  4. Gary62

    Bonnet adjustment

    I have the same issue on mine ,passenger side of the bonnet hits the A Pillar.Great info Alex .When the rain stops here (probably July sometime) I’ll have a look and try greasing up the hinges .Not sure if I am skilled enough to remove the bonnet ,well I probably could but wouldn’t get it back on .
  5. Gary62

    Lowering advice

    Looking to lower the 370z however there are so many posts here with so many different opinions.I would like to lower the car and fit spacers with a view to filling the wheel arches which at the moment looks like the wheels are too small for the space.I really do not want to have to start adjusting the camber etc etc etc .I don’t intend taking it on the track it is for purely cosmetics .Having said that I still want it to handle as it does on OEM set up or better.Do I buy just lowering springs ? or save up and get coil overs.I would prefer the cheaper option if Iam honest as there are a few other things I want to do to the car.(already put cobra cat back side skirts sunline front lip spoiler and a front end respray only had it 3 months lol) Mrs is going nuts Anyway got the chance of second hand H&R lowering springs any pros and cons with the H&R’s. any help appreciated
  6. Gary62

    Lowering advice

    Cheers ...have you heard of anyone using the H&R springs on here. Are you going to Crail this weekend
  7. Gary62

    Nathan's 370

    Looking good Nathan
  8. Gary62

    Various 370z parts for sale

    Hi sent you a message re HR springs
  9. Gary62

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Which ceramic coating product did you use ?
  10. Ok thanks for the heads up.It seems most owners that it happens to get the warning ie the key doesn’t work then they jiggle the steering wheel and it is ok.Once this happens they remove the fuse.Have there been any instances of no second chance to remove the fuse.Thats my worry ....should I just remove it and not take the risk.Another worry would be that it may effect your insurance if you have no string lock in operation.
  11. Hi do you know if this issue has been resolved by Nissan in the 2011 models.
  12. Hi I finally got help on how to upload photos .So here they are after all day Saturday cleaning my beloved.
  13. Cheers Stu ....only thing I’ve against black is a polishing cloth it’s a nightmare and not to mention stone chips on the soft Nissan paint however I get great satisfaction cleaning it every weekend .Wife loves it too keepers me out of her feet
  14. Gary62

    Scottish meets 2018

    That’s the pics up
  15. Gary62

    **WANTED*** 370z Passenger Headlight.

    There was a driver and passengers on eBay Friday.
  16. Gary62

    Scottish meets 2018

    Hi Iam fairly new to the forum got my first Z in December last year and already got Zitis ( if that’s how you spell it ) II would definitely be up for coming along to the Scottish meets.Iam in Blairgowrie so pretty close to Knockhill/Crail .Iam on the forum most nights I’ll keep an eye on any upcoming meets/events.Excellent forum by the way a mine of information. I need to post up a pic of the Zed I’ll try to get that done today as I spent all day yesterday detailing it lol. (my other hobby)
  17. Hi Chris do you stock Tein s springs fro a 370z ....Payco  advised me to contact you.


    1. Tarmac@TarmacSportz


      yes bud, drop me a message or call or email etc

  18. Gary62

    Front lip spoiler

    Hi I am looking for an aftermarket front lip spoiler preferably in black gloss and possibly side skirts to match for my 2011 370z .Ive had a look online however so much to choose from.and some reports of some being of poor quality or a terrible fit. Any reccomendations on which brand to go for and which one looks or suits the 370z best.
  19. Gary62

    Front lip spoiler

  20. Gary62

    Front lip spoiler

    Ok thanks for the info. I will have a think about it.Would have been nice if you had a gloss spoiler to match the side skirts.
  21. Gary62

    Front lip spoiler

    I see you do the gloss gel coated side skirts do you do a similar front spoiler
  22. Gary62

    Front lip spoiler

    Ah bummer looks like it’s only the side skirts that come in the gel coated gloss black.I will contact Tarmac Sportz
  23. Gary62

    Front lip spoiler

    Just noticed they do come in gloss black ...