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  1. Ah,ok.At least I know who the other guy is. Im always here,living and working.ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  2. Hi,I have a Black Z,its not on Rays though.Reg No ending SPA. I live and work here instructing on the ring and Spa.
  3. Hi,many thanks for your reply.Apparently the seller made a mistake on his numbers.Turns out its 3:48=which I guess must be a 3:5 truth be known?
  4. Hi all,just been offered the above diff,anyone else done this please.I know the standard ratio is 4:5 but just how much of a difference will there be.Thanks in advance.
  5. Are you staying at the Sonneck in Rothenbach,if so its probaly me you have seen,Ilive two minutes walk from the Hotel.(What do you think of the hotel btw)Seen your car in the hotel car park and Devils Diner.Im always here,living and Instructing on The Ring and Spa.I was there yesterday morning,finished work and stopped for a kaffee pause,hung around for a while to see if anyone came back to your car,parked at the bottom of car park,but as I had a meeting planned,couldnt wait very long. Are you doing DN today.
  6. Yes,very similar to what you had.Problem is I cannot get to the bottom of my diff issue.Visual inspection,cover off,all looks to be in order(didnt have time to remove it) no noises from it ,new oil but no lsd properties with the switch offðŸ˜
  7. Thank you but if the tc switch is off,should I see both amber lights illuminated?Reason I ask is that turning tc off makes barely any difference.Tried the usual stuff in case the diff is just not playing and needs replacing.
  8. Silly question but as I have mislaid my drivers handbook!! When switched off,so the dash warning light comes on as it should.Now yesterday,had to remove the rigth hand front caliper for servicing,during the time it was off I switched the ignition on but did not touch the tc switch but the warning light plus the other sliding car lamp came on.This surprised me as I have never seen it before. I assume it to be something to do with the brake circuit being broken,is this so?Everthing back to normal now its all together again.Should both of those lights come on when the tc switch is switched off?
  9. Dont be tempted to buy Japspeed items-unless you want the rattle of loose inserts that is.
  10. Or even the rev counter red section starting at 7000.
  11. Something like €70 I think.Without digging out the invoice and checking.Absolute rubbish as you would expect.
  12. Right,after buying some cheap chinese crap that failed after 4000mls.(Yeah,serves me right,I know) Looking for a pair of GOOD arms please.Need shipment to Germany.
  13. I had a very long telephone conversation/remote help with Samsung about my S6.After trying countless things it was found that the phone will not connect because the cars bt is so far out of date(2007) the phones bt is rated at 4.4 for anyones infomation.I tried a bt unit which claims to do everything-it does'nt.
  14. Thanks for the replies,sorry this is a bit late but dear old bt has only just come back,not bad service really,not quite two weeks!!! Just changed diff oil yesterday,seems to have made a difference but not fully functional at the mo. Alex,my car is 07, can you tell me the miles on your diff please and suitable ratio??
  15. Terence Bower

    2007 LSD

    Anyone with a diff that works please.
  16. Got some from ebay as well.New chinese units-worse than the ones I took off! Main shaft and body are slightly smaller diameter.Fair play got my money back,but Ill never buy another chinese item after the pathetic quality of some other copies purchased,it aint worth the savings!
  17. Only problem with usa units is the lack of the E mark.Unless your Portugeesa doesnt look/or care,they shouldnt be a problem.I have the same issue here in Germany.
  18. Just a word of caution,I had the task of sorting an overheating problem with a replica classic a few years back.Guy was tearing his hair out,changing everything he could to no avail.I looked at his rad grill mesh and told him that was more than likely the cause of the cars problem. Ordered a suitably sized quarter inch hexagonal holed stainless from RS components near Rockingham.Cut and fitted it = no overheating,ever!
  19. Exactly whats planned thanks.Saves the messing around of ordering new items,sending back the originals etc.New will probably work loose in a month or two anyway.This way I can come up with a permanent solution in a couple of hours
  20. So have I, Japspeed have done well out of the forum recently!! Can't wait to get it on the car. (And MOT'd of course!) I hope yours is better put together than my three week old back box-its rattling already.Absolute junk!
  21. Just been reading other threads on decats EML being on.Same here! Talk is that 02 spacers should help? Can you tell me more please,oh,price and postage to Germany as well please. Cheers.
  22. Careful with some of the above ebay links@!!!!
  23. Bought a pair of "sport cats"from these people.Within two weeks had one core in the lefthand car come loose,yeah the rattle is great!Welded a full pipe diameter crack in the right side cat yesterday.All this from April 11the this year.Not bad ehh. If you check all of the cheap crap suppliers part numbers for these exhaust systems,it might give a clue as to the origins of manufacture. Steer clear and save up a bit longer,it will cost less in the long run.
  24. Exactly that.Check through parts suppliers part numbers on ebay,they are all the same last digits. Tig welded?yes but obviously the weld under the tig is probably cleaned up mig. The welds are far too heavey for tig only. As for the 304 grade????
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