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  1. Wasn't an issues just wanted to make sure it started alright and didn't damage any thing. We turned the flywheel by hand before installing the gearbox to make sure it wasn't seized or anything and then just pulled the fuel pump fuse we turned it over to get oil pressure going. Then just started as normal and let it warm up. All seems good and running well
  2. Thanks guys car started fine and seems to run well
  3. Hi, Bit of a strange question but my 350z HR has been sitting for a few months outside the workshop while awaiting parts for a gearbox rebuild. Obviously gearbox was removed so couldn't start it. I'm in the south so not as bad weather but still had a bit of snow and frost, so not sure if it will be fine to just start it or if I should do anything else like a oil change?? It was serviced just over 1000 miles ago with Fuchs titan 5w30. Thanks
  4. Think it should fit, I know you can fit import bumpers on uk cars
  5. Nikster

    Oil grade

    Hi, Probably been asked nultiple times but what's the best all round oil grade? Car is daily driven and is coming up to 75k. Its a 2008 HR, I'm going with a K&N oil filter aswell. Most people seem to be using 5w30 fully synthetic? Thanks in advance
  6. I'll take the camber arns and spacers
  7. Ah damn have you tried to fit it?
  8. What material is it mate? Plastic or fibreglass?
  9. Yeah tightened it as the manufacturer said but it crack slightly along the thread so have to get a new one. Luckily car audio have ome and sending it out
  10. Glad you gotnit sorted I had to change my arms but its all good now
  11. By any chance does anyone have a rear air lift air bag for sale? Need one ASAP Thanks
  12. By any chance does anyone have a rear air lift air bag for sale? Need one ASAP Thanks
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