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  1. Mustang 5.0 GT Ruby Red Performance Pack.

    Good choice George, I shall be following the same route although opting for the black as was the standout colour for me when seeing them in the flesh. Was fortunate enough to have a test drive of both the manual and auto versions when over in the US tail end of May/beginning of June and that made my mind up there and then. Have not quite pulled the trigger on deposit yet but suspect it will be paid within the next month or so if indeed any of the dealers can share some additional info, last I heard was that it would be tail end of Q2 before they hit our shores but your info may be more recent.
  2. New TS Strosek Style Rear Spoiler £299

    OEM spoiler was left in situ and drilled through and bolted on from inside the boot, when you remove the rear plastic there are four holes, the two centres ones giving you access to the front bolt position, holes needed to widened slightly to get the rear bolts in. 50 mm bolts to attach are required.
  3. What colour is your Zed...?

    Temper Orange missing, but unlikely to be the most popular
  4. Tarmac sportz appreciation Thread

    Before shot: During, maybe depends on body shop End results will be posted eventually
  5. Tarmac sportz appreciation Thread

    Would like to add my thanks to Chris, top notch service as always. Latest purchase is a genuine Nismo V3 front bumper and side skirts
  6. thetranquilbass

  7. Dyno results info thread

    Model: 2007(57) VQ35HR Mods: Stillen Gen 3 Long Tube intake, Berk HFCs, custom true dual exhaust Dyno: Dyno-Dynamics @ RS Tuning BHP: 331.2 HP / @fly (274.5 HP @ wheels) Torque: ~ 290 ftlb