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  1. Mustang 5.0 GT Ruby Red Performance Pack.

    Good choice George, I shall be following the same route although opting for the black as was the standout colour for me when seeing them in the flesh. Was fortunate enough to have a test drive of both the manual and auto versions when over in the US tail end of May/beginning of June and that made my mind up there and then. Have not quite pulled the trigger on deposit yet but suspect it will be paid within the next month or so if indeed any of the dealers can share some additional info, last I heard was that it would be tail end of Q2 before they hit our shores but your info may be more recent.
  2. LakeZ names list

    1/ martinmac +1 Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. At home. 2/ Flyboy and Flygirl.Fri, Sat. Camping off site. 3/ Lexx + 1 Fri, Sat. S/C. Booked. 4/ NeilP + Hensh Fri,Sat Camping on site. 5/ SHEZZA + 1 Fri, Sat , Sun. B&B Booked. 6/ Steve Burns F/S/S and most of following week Bank House rented 6 bed property 7/ Paul Wrangle F/S/S and most of following week Bank House rented 6 bed property 8/ Kevin Kay + Fiona Tough F/S/S and some of following week Bank House rented 6 bed property 9 Dale Errington + Mandy F/S Bank House rented 6 bed property 10/ glrnet T/F/S Happy to help out again on Thursday Martin. Accom booked 11/AndyG8nby & Amanda fri sat sun Eabank Lodge booked . 12/Mudman + a possible half. Camping on Site Fri/Sat 13/Ph 7 + Tracy. Camping Fri/Sat/Sun 14. Toyboy+1 Eabank Lodge Fri/Sat/Sun 15/ Ken Accom booked. 16/ Davedutch + 1 Sat/Sun Accom booked Sat only 17/ Mr P + 1 Camping on site Sat. Sun at the races. 18. ChrisS + Markclio and maybe Liam. Camping F&S (get my area taped off Lexx 19. Lyndzzz + 1 Saturday at least 20. Irn Bru + 1 F/S/S Accommodation sorted 21. Will370z F/S/S Accommodation sorted 22.mopedmark + mrs moped camping in the big tent,fri/sat 23. AaronC350z + mrs staying in the Engine Inn, Fri / Sat 24. One-eyed-king + Mrs camping on site Fri, Sat, Sun (races Sunday) 25. John Peek F/S/S and most of following week Bank House rented 6 bed property 26. Bird+1 F/S/S Camping 27. Iangreenfield+1 F/S/S Accommodation sorted 28. Craig F/S/S Camping 29. Harby+1 F/S/S Camping 30. thetranquilbass F/S Eabank
  3. Nando's (The Quay) Meet - 12th April

    Run is off the cards for the 12th but will be done at a later date. Happy Birthday by the way Stevie
  4. Nando's (The Quay) Meet - 12th April

    If there will be more than 6 of us for food will need to get a table reserved so an indication of whose interested would be good, none of this ask me the day before nonsense
  5. Nando's (The Quay) Meet - 12th April

    The two of you behave yourselves. With regards to dates for this, I can't do the 26th as were playing a gig on the 25th and will be partaking in a few beverages so unlikely to surface again until the Monday, how about Monday 3rd May for the run, gives folks a bit more time to save for petrol. Food on the 12th is still doable if there's enough interest
  6. Cities Skylines (PC)

    Yep, currently running my ability to get up for work in the morning
  7. Nando's (The Quay) Meet - 12th April

    It works out just short of 200 miles so less than a tank (just)
  8. Nando's (The Quay) Meet - 12th April

    How about something along the lines of,
  9. Nando's (The Quay) Meet - 12th April

    Hasn't been one of those in a long time, would definitely be good to go for a blast somewhere
  10. Nando's (The Quay) Meet - 12th April

    Think it goes something along the lines of, pierce film lid several times before heating for 4 mins..., should be able to ask my sis on the day as she is now running the Quay restaurant Date was a just a suggestion to gauge interest but can be moved if its better for getting more folk involved
  11. Nando's (The Quay) Meet - 12th April

    Any interest in a get together for some grub on Sunday 12th April, possibly preceeded by a run round Duke's Pass first weather permitting.
  12. Scotland Members- LakeZ 2015- who's coming along??

    Postcode for the pub is LA11 7NU
  13. 2 zeds in mossend/holytown

    You really are a prize !@*$ at times, not been on much of recent due to work commitments so only just seen this.
  14. 370z & 350z HR Stillen/Vortech Superchargers Possible Group Buy interest?

    May be interested in the group buy depending on final outlay, will await some further info from you Chris
  15. GTM 370Z twin supercharger kit

    Stillen have come up with a supercharger for the HR, http://www.stillen.com/products/superchargers/stillen-350z-vq35-dual-throttle-body-supercharger-system-100169/