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350z DE, HR & 370 under bonnet mirror kit


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DE, HR and 370z KIT READY TO GO!


DE kit = £105 delivered

HR kit= £100 delivered

370 kit= Â100 delivered


DE kit is more complicated than the HR with double bends in 4 of the panels as 14N Ian can vouch for!

so its going to cost £105 including postage.

Any questions drop me a PM.



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VHB double sided or grip fill or other strong alternative! I have attached mine with VHB Velcro that way I can remove depending on circumstances initial test fit I used some 3m VHB doubled side tape and really struggled to get them back off!

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DE kit ready to commence sending out I will update original post with cost which will include postage. these are not as easy to make as the HR version so will be a little dearer sorry!

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as I have now cracked the 370z mirror kit I can mix all the zed kits per manufacture so I can now lower the batch for GB on the DE kit. I will keep the GB rolling and do two month periods in between each new names added to the list if it helps.

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