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ebay BBCode

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Wow! chill out dude :wacko: There must be better things to do than getting your knickers in a twist over this on a Saturday night? :surrender:


Thats it everyone stop what you are doing Adrian wants something doing! :lol: Like its been said it is been discussed by the team and will take time for a decision to be made. :)



Oh, how I missed you, I thought you never going to say that! I was so agitated and worried, but now I'm very relaxed, thanks to you! You are God's gift to me! Tell me more!



I'm off out on my poker night. Goodnight :wave:

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Thanks for the suggestion, and while the code does allow for a neat insertion of an ebay add, unfortunately however we wont be implementing the ebay code for a couple of reasons.


The first ad primary reason being that ebay appears to have withdrawn the ebay to go beta service. While it is still working for now, ebay has advised that all widgets be removed, so it could be withdrawn fully at any time. If this happened, it would result in broken threads/links that could detract from a thread, or indeed ruin peoples genuine posts lining to ebay items etc.


Secondly, many workplaces will block access to ebay. If this is the case, then if there are any threads with links/posts in this format, those who have ebay bloced at work would be presented with a blank white box. This could result in queries asking whats been posted etc and disjointed threads. With the ebay link posted as they are now, at least those who have ebay blocked would still be able to see what the link was/is and revisit the thread at home if they wish.


If ebay do release an official and permenant version of this "to go" code, then we can perhaps revisit this.




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