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Show off your Storm White (09+ 370z)

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I am so in love with your car, really is nice :thumbs:


What do you have to pay out for a 370 at the moment?


Just over £800 a year for tax and insurance and far too much for petrol :teeth:


Oh, and if you are talking new prices, I really don't know exactly - but some deals to be done I hear so say circ £29-30k for the GT I would guess.

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to be completely honest i wasnt a fan of the 370 in white when it came out but its really grown on me and i think its one of my favorites now! Looks stunning, the spacers have made a big improvement B)

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sweet car.... have you had it lowered?

No - too many of those snoozing plods lying across the road where I live ;):lol:


Consensus is that the spacers help to off-set the standard road height.

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thats good to know because the car looks absolutely superb and i like yoursef am surounded by the sleepers if you dont mind what size are they and where did you get them


Here's a link that explains all




As you will see, I have a set up that allows the use of the 350 19" Nismo's as well ;)

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Looks the same as every other GT edition, but I took mine to the place where the piece was filmed that eventually led me to get one.


The old Reims GP circuit.




Car is surprisingly clean looking for having done 600mls on wet/salty motorways.

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11 hours ago, ShortPaul said:

It certainly is buddy 


Yours is the second one I've seen (in photos) and I think it looks great.


I've had a quote of £250 from a local wrapping company to do it. Do you have a few more photos of it that you'd mind putting up here, or PM to me? Also interested to see how they finished yours into the gutters each side.


I'm also getting the hatch window heavily tinted.



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