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Post your favourite Zed wheels


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Tried searching but couldnt find any insprational wheel topics, so basically if its a repost apologes.


Its simple just post your favourite wheels of a 350Z ...


Ill kick things off with some HUUgge dished Work Equip wheels a personal favourite, something id love when i take the big step into getting a Zed this christmas coming.

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How about we have this as a definitive wheel/Zed combo thread?

and delete all the random chat and stuff. Nothing more annoying that trapsing through post after post of nonsense when trying to simply look at wheels.

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I think we now have one. Welcome to the forum btw :D


I cant talk about wheels, I am on medication to stop me :blush:


Cool was convinced there would have been a thread like this tucked away somewhere ...


Thanks for the welcome ... very new to the Zed's but hope to have one by this Christmas and this thread was for insprational purposes :)

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