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spotted this on ebay, cheaper than the £400 Nissan charge for the same thing.



http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NISSAN-350Z-RADIO ... .m14.l1318



it is £245 for a "like new" replacement on an exchange basis. Which is set to new so it will marry with your car




Clarion Service & Parts Centre UK


Welcome to the Official Clarion Service and Parts Centre for the UK & Ireland.


We provide a full aftercare service for Clarion Car Audio that is tailored for both trade and general public. We are the only manufacturer authorised repair centre as well as being the distribution hub for all spare parts within the UK & Ireland.


This is an EXCHANGE SERVICE for all Clarion/Nissan 350Z Radios that except upto 6 CD's (if you have a 1 CD Loading In-dash unit or a Sat Nav DVD unit then please check our other items in our Ebay Shop or contact us for prices and Repair Services.


If your unit is outside of the Nissan 3 yearr warranty then we can offer a fixed price exchange service for your Nissan Unit priced at £295.00 fully inclusive of VAT and return P&P.


We can Exchange the unit for a refurbished unit which carries a full one year warranty : Not Loading, Not Ejecting, Not Changing Disc Intermittant Playing and hashed or skipping sound.


If you have any questions or would rather deal with us direct in person over the phone then please call us on 01285 861 861


If your unit is suffering from these problems then please send to - we will then send you out within 7 working days an exchange unit that can be easily installed back into the car.












Please use recorded or special Royal Mail delivery for your own peace of mind and include you ebay printout for our information!




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Ok at the risk of major embarressment - when we erm had a figaro - that was the only place to get the special Figaro unit repaired - good reports about the service - £200 for a full refurb and intenral band expander converstion etc - funny the Cd used to die due to a 2p resistor that used to burn out and drop on the CD head unit killing it - nice design eh! :headhurt:



(BTW any Fig owners need their dashboards recovering - as they usually crack - let me know - used to do that also and still have the right coloured material at home) :thumbs:

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now with 10% Discount for forum members.


Please read the following message from James at Clarion Service Centre



Hi Mike,




We can offer a modest discount of 10% on the cost for your forum menbers, this would then bring the price in at £270.00 fully inclusive of both VAT and P&P. We would need your members to contact us direct rather than using the buy now on our ebay shop. Our Service Department can be contacted on 01793 770730 or mail@clarion-service.co.uk






Kind regards,








Clarion Service Team.




Clarion Service and Parts Centre UK


The Mill Building


The Fox






Tel: 01793 770730


Fax: 01793 770370




email: mail@clarionservice.co.uk

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Had it done twice now then :lol:


:blush: How that happen!!Who Knows :D


Easy done mate as I eventually found out! :blush: Will happen if you are someone who tends to use the 'blue' return button (menu bar) before your post has fully embedded on the thread. Waiting for your post to pop up and then clicking on the options in the posting heading avoids the problem. :thumbs:

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Just fixed my bose unit after a jam. Very easy took about 30 mins. Basically unit double feeds discs causing jam. There are about 6 grub screws along top cover of player. Remove these and pull top off. You can now see into player and see jammed discs. Plug harness in and press eject. Gently manipulate discs as unit is not strong enough to pull disc out that is jammed against other disc. Now eject all discs and replace lid. Unit should now function fine. Have had several hundred trouble free disc changes since.


Will check spare radio when I find it for number of screws and take pics. Hope this helps and saves people some money.

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Just called up about this (Sorry for the thread revival!)


NEW phone number for them (might want to alter the front post) is 01285 861 861


and it is £245 for a "like new" replacement on an exchange basis. Which is set to new so it will marry with your car.



Wonder if we could get the 10% forum discount on the new price? :teeth:

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