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Best Dashcam for a Z?

Girl Racer

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Evening all,


Was out minding my own business today when a lovely chap in a particular German car nearly took out my front end when he cut me off.  Let's just say I love my Brembos even more now.


On the back of that delight, I've decided to get a front and rear dashcam.  Does anyone have one in their Z?  There are so many to choose from with varying reviews, I'd like to know what others have got and what they think of them.  


Thanks all,

Girl Racer

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4 hours ago, GranTurismoEra said:


Can you access it remotely away from the car? Assuming it has a sim or something that allows basic network connectivity or gps...mac address etc a bit like go pro?


Is that subscription based?


Both come with GPS and wireless connectivity to a smart phone within range regardless.


There are LTE and cheaper non-LTE versions - the former includes remote access (with a sim, as you say) and that is £4 for 40GB per month through Vodafone Smart sim offered via BlackVue, but is compatible with other data sims too.

The latter allows for "Always-On 4G" with optional CM100GLTE which comes with the same £4, 40GB / month sim and can be retorfitted at any point. it's also compatible with data SIM cards from "all leading network providers" so the monthly charge is dependent on whatever sim you end up using.


There is a limited free version of "BlackVue Cloud" available but the details, subscription costs and options are all detailed here: https://blackvue.co.uk/what-is-blackvue-cloud/

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