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Car Theft 2.0 -

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I kinda guessed signal blockers were old news. With the KiAs being taken the next step would be a database of key codes to circumvent signal blockers. In my area reports of cars stolen with keys protected



Steering Lock, Ghost Alarm, protect your stuff.


Car thief reveals how he can steal ANY car in seconds. 


Easy thefts made easier

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13 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

Proper bonkers isn't it.

Entry within seconds.

No Faraday cage gonna help you.



Crazy, need a pin or fingerprint access. Using biometrics. With all the tech that should be standard. When you wish to sell the car clear all drivers using a pin and let the new owner register their biometrics (Finger print and Face ID).


The new EVs have internal cameras that monitor your eyes. You can use that for verification to not only deactivate the immobilizer for quick start but also register biometrics.


The tech is there already. Especially with Ghost Alarm.


Mercedes also had a 4 wheel lock mechanism for when the car gets lifted by a tow truck. Lol

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