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Ticking off my final 00s obsession......Bricks and mortar.

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Back in 00s, I had two obsessions, cars and Grand Designs.......The car bit proved easy to waste £££££ on, and the Z was all part of the fun. My real 'dream' back than however was wasting the hours watching normalish families risk everything they own in pursuit of utterly pointless 'design' on bricks and mortar.


I've long since grown out of my car obsessions, my car is 7 years old this year, owned from new with no plans to change. But idle hands doesn't sit comfortably with me, so 12 months ago I managed to persuade the family finally fulfilling my 00s fantasies was a good thing, and life is too short not take risks.........


The build is still 3-4 months away from completion, however the shell and first fixs are done. In the last 12 months we've had unsuitable foundations discoveries, unearthed an unexpected well (yes well), cranes + 35tons of steel over power cables, mis judged glazing, but thankfully no unexpected newborns, changes in health, or calls to bank that form part of Kevin McClouds script.


The modding of cars sort of gave me some parallel insight into the potential issues of the house build project, but everything on the house is at a totally different scale, time, effort, costs, it even gets into my dreams........


The work left is the equivalent of repainting/fitting of the trim, some spit/polish on the paint (which I was never good at :)), the biggest moments of jeopardy, touching wood, is done :).


If anyone is thinking of doing something similar happy to share experiences, bare in mind the house isn't done, but we do have keys.






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We bought the house because of the garden!! Been a corner plot means we have a south facing and west facing part to the garden. You can probably see why almost as soon as we moved into the house my interest shifted totally from non house stuff to just house stuff :)






The builders have been enjoying the view from the new bedroom gable, I cannot wait to get back into the house. Things are moving quickly now with flooring nearly done and hopefully plastering to start very soon. Back in for Easter is the aim, but certainly before the summer. 





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