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Znowdonia 2022


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2 hours ago, StormtrooperZ said:

Best one yet. The people, the cars, the drive, the places, the views! Epic day! Thanks again @davey_83 for organising.


Didn't get to take many pics as phone battery was low and I forgot my charging cable (shout out to the legend @HEADPHONES for lending me his cable and battery pack so I could charge my phone for the journey home - I owe you one mate!) 


I'll go through my dashcam footage today, see if it caught the epicness that was Znowdonia 2022. I really need to get a GoPro!


Can't wait to see what the professionals come up with pics/vlogs wise! 




Go Pro is a must. Im not sure whats the latest is as they keep releasing new ones. I got the 6 which doesn't have amazing stabilization. I recommend 8 and onwards. Grab a good suction mount. You can get a full set of equipment to go with it. Including spare battery. 

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10 minutes ago, The Bounty Bar Kid said:

11 is the latest, just been looking them up. Although mixed views on the suction cup as some have said it falls off.


As soon as my old one fell off yesterday i did a u turn to go retrieve my newer one 😂. Was fine after that. Theres the 3 legged one but i guess a legitimate dashcam is better. Just for POV driving its an easy swap at different angles. 


Didnt realise how smooth Welsh roads were. Im sure my footage would be very stable lol...

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4 minutes ago, davey_83 said:

Bro nice vlog and actually nice to see bits of the intended route we never got to use 😩 That small car park you stopped on the way to Llanberis pass has amazing views!! 


Those roads WOW!! 


Different perspective I think. Best road was on the way to Llanberis from Penrhyndeudraeth. I just thought why not stop at both points. Hard to see whats there from the car tbh. Still a good route. Lake Bala to Llanberis had some good points to take pics once up in the hills. As that was a good couple of hours needed to stretch.


I think next time can take advantage of the cliff side parking for quick photos. Maybe losing the group temporarily was a good thing 😂.  Usually not enough parking if in a large convoy. 


Can always split the group in smaller 5 car convoys for the photo areas. I didn't hang around long as car park was full. 


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