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Kinetix Manifolds


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Just browsing as you do at various parts...


Short question really, when combined with other bolt ons (exhaust, high flow cats, filter etc) and a remap, are the much gains to be had from either the Kinetix Manifolds?




On the flip side what are the options on a Revup?

I here that a Plenum Spacer provides no gains, though have heard some talk of using a spacer with a pre-revup upper plenum?

Sounds a lot cheaper than either of the above options anyway.


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The main reason people put plenum spacers on a DE engine is that the front two cylinders are restricted on airflow due to design in the plenum, it's a natural bottleneck. This is the smart choice if thinking of a remap as you are maximising the gains when paired with supporting mods. DE revup and HR this is refined on so there is no need for a plenum spacer


Spacers range from 5/16th (preferred) and 1 inch. The main issue with spacers is that the strut braces don't tend to fit once fitted as you've raised the plenum. 


I would only personally recommend the above Aftermarket manifolds if you have all of the supporting modifications, like intakes, throttle bodies, manifolds, sports cats and exhaust etc to really maximise every horsepower. Even then if you saw a 20-30hp jump I would be surprised, so does the gains outway the cost for you? What you will notice with a remap is the difference in throttle response, it wakes the DE from being a little sluggish to being quite lively 

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That's fair.


I've got to be honest I don't think I've read a good thing about the SSV manifold so I'd be steering clear of that.

The V+ Manifold I've seen very mixed feelings on.


I think I'll just stay with stock.  As you said the bottle neck was improved on the Revup (which I have) so best to leave alone it seems.

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I have had both on a boosted 350Z, supercharger and twin turbo and found little gains, however, I would expect the gains to be more noticeable on a n/a car with supporting mods and tune.


 The SSV kept splitting along the seam welds on high boost and constantly required welding, however, I believe that the are now made of heavier gauge to allow more boost.

To me it was only a bit of bling and also providing easy access to coils and plugs.


I now successfully run a Cosworth plenum as it ticks most the boxes for me.


To save me typing all the data this is from Chris's web site:



Improved in EVERY aspect over our previous intake plenum, including performance:

  • 270% stronger than previous plenum
  • Incredible heat resistance, improved 170%, now up to 500 degrees F
  • Lower operating temperatures - 50 degrees cooler than ANY aluminum plenum option
  • More volume! 20% more volume than factory and 12% more than our previous version
  • Completely smooth underside with NO flow restrictions
  • Can handle boosted cars, with lifetime warranty on cars up to 10 psi
  • Read to install - Includes all necessary hardware and gaskets for installation
  • Lifetime Warranty

 This new intake plenum replaces the upper half of your factory intake manifold.  This plenum bolts directly up to your car with zero modifications, and also allows the use of the factory strut bar, and engine cover.  This unit will fit the 350z, the G35, and the FX.  *** Engine cover may not fit with the G35 or the FX35 **

This plenum increases the volume to the middle and more importantly the front cylinders.  The factory plenum utilizes a very aggressive angle as it caps off the front cylinders.  This new plenum equalizes the flow to all cylinders, while also increasing the total plenum volume.  This plenum also uses a very versatile plastic to achieve a smooth interior for superior flow properties.  The plastic also allows a lighter overall weight, by about 3 lbs.   The overall temperatures of the plenum have also decreased by about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  This helps with heat soak problems and to help lower air intake temperatures.

Our plenum has shown a solid peak gain of 14 rwhp and a consistent gain throughout the RPM range.   When matched up with our high flow cats, they together have shown peak gains of 20 rwhp.

The plenum still retains most of all the factory mounting points and also includes all necessary new hardware.  The plenum also includes a permanently adhered flange gasket that is to be used with the factory gasket as well as a new throttle body gasket.

* Due to State Emissions Regulations, in California this product is only intended for off-road use.

** This plenum includes a lifetime warranty on manufacturer's defects. This will include any failure in the plastic material used which may affect its ability to create a seal. The cork gasket is not covered under our lifetime warranty. For those customers needing a new gasket to replace any gaskets that have been damaged during installation or repetitive installations, we offer a re-gasketing service for a minor fee.

Please note:

If you have the 2006 Model, Nissan supposedly used a slightly taller engine mount causing the engine to sit about 1/4" higher than on previous models.  It took hours of research on our end and endless phone calls to find this out.  I guess it was a supply issue by the company that makes the motor mounts for them.  This only pertains to the 2006 Model 350Z.  Unfortunately, the part number for the engine mounts never changed, so that is also the current replacement engine mount and some people with older Z's that have had their engine mounts replaced with new ones are also noticing their engine sits about 1/4" higher than previous.  If you notice on our website, we list the plenum fitting the 2003-2005 350Z only for this reason (no 2006).  With all that said, the plenum can be shaved down a bit to gain clearance.  The plenum is close to 1/2" thick in that area.  You can safely remove 1/8" of material or so to correct the issue.  That's unfortunately the only way I know to fix this. .    


Nissan 350Z 2003-2005 (Single Throttle Body engine models)

Infiniti G35 2003-2007 (Single Throttle Body engine models)

Infiniti FX35 2003-2008


We specialise in race, performance and styling products for the serious enthusiast.

We are based in Derby and have been trading since 2010. We source the best tried and tested performance brands in the car tuning industry including Stillen, Berk Technology, Ark Performance, Invidia, Eibach and many more. We have a vast range of performance exhaust systems and exhaust related products, suspension upgrades, superchargers, turbo's, brake upgrades, engine products, intakes, vehicle styling, alloy wheels and more, all available to order online.

See the brand you want but not your car? Contact us, we can source it for you!



© Copyright 2022 Tarmac Sportz Limited
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I'll keep mulling it over.  Sounds like both manifold have had improvements over the years.

If I do go for one it would be the V+ which generally had better reviews.  The SSV is far to bling for me! B)


Before this, I'll be adding HFC's and a new Y pipe.

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I've got a polished up OEM plenum with motordyne MREV2 lower manifold & motordyne 5/16th plenum spacer on my revup. 

I did quite a lot of research at the time (a few years ago) and this combo seemed to be proven the most effective for gains. 


In regards to plenum spaces and clearance issues, up to 5/16th works absolutely fine as long as the kit comes with spacers for the strut brace, anything over that and you have to leave it off otherwise it'll hit the bonnet.


In terms of gains I'd probably expect somewhere between 20-30bhp when combined with a high flow air filter, full exhaust system (including cats) & uprev. 

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