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350z Aluminium Undertray Review


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Carried over from my build thread, as figured it would give some insight to anyone thinking of getting one.


Mine in particular is a used Tarmac Sportz offering. Very well made with nice fixtures, however this one did need new holes drilling at the rear (next to existing ones) to keep the undertray taught - easy 2mins job. Using the existing x2 rear mounting holes, would cause the tray to sag a touch near the sump. Not an issue other than the reduced ride height when clearing speed bumps and for car on coilovers, an adjustment was sort.


The undertray comes in 2 parts, which allows for easy of shipping and overall length adjustability of several mm via elongated holes. This along with the elongated mounting holes (laterally) for the front bumper attachment, means fitting is very straight forward.










First time using the ally undertray and while the hatch is a fab idea, I didn't enjoy the experience. R&D was clearly done on a 2 poster ramp and changing the oil filter on axle stands required yoga. Clear access provided for the sump plug however I found myself undoing with one hand and then tighten the new filter with the other remotely. Next time il raise the car higher to allow for better reach of the oil filter, but there still no chance of whipping you hand away with the old filter in an effort to not get hot oil down your arm.




Ideal access would place you right underneath the hatch and in the oil or lying with you feet under the passenger side sill.




Its a big time saver not having to remove 300 10mm bolts, but I would always jack up and remove the OE undertray while allowing the engine to warm up ie overlapping labour. Then with the tray fully removed I like to inspect the radiator, lower coolant hoses and clips, ARB bushes, engine pulleys and front main seal. All while giving the sump and subframe and quick wiper over to keep the grim down. 


On newer cars or for owners who take their car to a garage for service, fantastic. For cars getting on a bit (as all our 350z's are now and like the service them ourselves).... I didn't enjoy the experience. Felt like I was checking the levels on a Audi A2 using the service panel.


Unless your OE engine undertray is toast, save the £££ for other mods.

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A friend with an 05 Merc C class had a shock when he checked his undertray. 

He'd owned it from new.

The garage he'd need using for years had literally just cut a hole in it to allow easier oil changes:scare:

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On 30/03/2022 at 23:53, ballistic said:

Thanks for the review. Interesting to know the little things if you have one in mind


On 31/03/2022 at 08:30, Jack94 said:

Great review, thanks for the writeup :thumbs: I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while. 


23 hours ago, Andy_Muxlow said:

Nice review Dave, They do look a great piece of kit. 


Cheers lads, thought I wanted to put over some info you don't normally here of.


13 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

A friend with an 05 Merc C class had a shock when he checked his undertray. 

He'd owned it from new.

The garage he'd need using for years had literally just cut a hole in it to allow easier oil changes:scare:


Probably happens more often than we think 🙄


1 hour ago, veeg33 said:

Looking great but my OCD kicks in when is saw 'Zose'  :doh:


No doubt that part of the R&D was carried out in Australia 😂 

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