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Rust help


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Hi all,


I hope your having a lovely weekend?


18 months ago I picked up a lovely 05 plate blue 350z roadster and while I would love a 370z for the amount of driving I have done it suits me down to the ground. Recently though I have noticed it’s first problem and I am not hot on rust with cars.


if I wait till MOT and service is due in July is it a bad thing or do I need to get it sorted now and what sort of price am I looking at?


also in South Wales anyone used any decent car garages round here?







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This wouldn’t cause any issues on an mot mate, unless it’s caused the bumper to flick out which I doubt it would just looking at it here. 

you can buy a new set of front wings £175 of eBay and most of the guys say they fit really well for an eBay buy, depends how bothered you are about it! 

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I only stock new OEM front wings which are much more expensive that the eBay specials, which has been said above are a decent quality and a good fit.

However you may have to cut out the hole for the small oblong repeater lamp, which is no big deal.

Repair panels are in stock for the rear arches if ever required.


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6 minutes ago, Sheep_Flavour said:

Thanks guys.


the forum here has been a massive help to my 350z needs.


sorry if this is a full question but I am not hot on rust. Do I need to get it done asap? Aka will it spread quickly? Or is there no major rush?

No rush, as I’d just replace the wings and bin the old ones as not worth the hassle repairing front wings.  :thumbs:

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