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**370z Topgun Rotrex C38R Supercharger Kit - EXCLUSIVELY @ TORQEN**


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Hi Guys, 


We've partnered with our friends at Top Gun to offer their new Rotrex C38R supercharger kit to the European market. It's fully customisable and we've added all the extras as optional so you can build your own kit based on what type of power you're trying to reach, the standard tuner kit will include everything listed below so you'll need to purchase supporting mods separate. 


At the moment, they're a little behind on production as the demand they've seen for these is so high. In the near future once all this is sorted, we'll aim to keep some kits in stock so they're ready to go out when ordered. I know at the moment it's coming up to winter so it's the prime time to be doing big jobs like this, if anyone wants one ASAP the current lead time is around 6-10 weeks as the kits need to be built and then shipped to the UK.




The tuner kit will include:

  • Rotrex C38R-112 head unit with dedicated Setrab 19 row oil cooler

  • All supercharger mounting bracketry

  • TiAL blow off valve

  • Boost Control Module (adjust boost from in cabin)

  • 1000 HP rated Air to Air Intercooler - Vibrant Core

  • All hot/cold side piping – 3” intakes with MAF housings

  • Remote coolant overflow reservoir and lines

  • Cold Air K&N Supercharger Intake Filter with 3.5” piping

  • PCV Breather Filters

  • Installation instructions


Link for purchase: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/turbos-superchargers/superchargers/72373-370z-z34-topgun-rotrex-c38r-supercharger-kit.html


US Forum thread for more in depth information: http://www.the370z.com/forced-induction/135649-topgunz-rotrex-c38r-supercharger-kit.html


If anyone has anymore questions, please feel free to drop one of us a PM and we'll respond ASAP. 

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Hope he manages to sort out the quality for you guys. I’m installing my topgun rotrex kit now and the welding on the install pipes is terrible.


Also quite a few errors on instructions with bolts not long enough etc.


overall kit seems well made just a bit rushed


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@Jonesluke are you cleaning all the pipes off internally, that last thing you want is some of that getting loose and hitting your engine.


I've read great things about the power it will make, if I ever feel the need for more power, I'll forge and get one of these kits.

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