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Fuel gauge not to scale

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All I could fill up on 10 days ago was 95 ron.

Today the gauge was just below the 1/4 mark similar to the photo below.

Popped into Tesco and Momentum was in stock:clap:

Filled up and the pump said 50 litres dispensed.

Online it says the tank is 75 litres.

So really the tank wasn't ,over 3/4 empty but only 2/3 empty.


Alas.......no biggy 

Probably better to be pre warned of low fuel.


The main thing is I got mostly the good stuff in the tank again:teeth:


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I also thought UK Z’s had an 80 litre tank actually.


Either way, the gauge is more of an estimate than an actual reading due to the way it works, shape of the tank and movement of the contents.

It’s mostly related to the shape of the tank more than anything, unless it’s a cube (which most aren’t) on a flat plane (which depends on where the car is), it’s going to give a false reading one way or another.

You also need to account for over a decade’s worth of gunk that’ll be sitting in your tank, effectively reducing the volume of fuel it can hold too (albeit not by that much!).

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80 litres seems a lot. Its actually bigger than the 370 tank. Despite no digital reading I actually prefer old school gauge. Reserve means 30 miles on a light foot. Ive seen needles fall below the last line and still give good mileage. I suppose digital readings are great but on the 370 you get dashes below 15 miles. The reserve light can activate at 40 miles.


Considering you never completely grind to a halt or run out, theres reserve to take into account, plus gunk as illogikal stated. Im sure E10 being less potent may affect the readings lol. Okay thats far fetched but still.

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