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Hey all I’m after some advice on tuning my 2005 350z to possibly get it around 330bhp . I have fujitsubo exhaust and mishimoto upgraded radiator and fans and a jwt pop charge intake . Is it worth getting a map on it to get it to 330hp roughly what other mods could you do ? I’ve heard of plenum spacers ect and headers but not sure how much this would help ? I’m getting a dyno run next week to see where it’s currently at 


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2 hours ago, Reggiez said:

 jwt pop charge intake .


You've already lost a few HP right there, it may make a sucky noise, but known for some power loss. 

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330bhp (at flywheel) is around 290 at the wheels. You WILL need at least a set of aftermarket cams with 256-262 degrees of duration. Something like the JWT S1, S2 or C2 cams. The latter being a bit more aggressive than the 'S' models.


Plus full exhaust, high flow cats, higher flow air filter, plenum spacer and a UpRev dyno tune.


You should hit 285-290 at the wheels with that combo. All in, around £3500-4000 if paying for the cam install and tune.

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