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ESL, what on earth was that all about

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So the European Super League doesn't look very super anymore. 48 hours of utter chaos. I honestly never thought I would see the day when clubs in football would have thought it was okay to be in a competition, with no competition. I guess thats the American sports model for you.


Still, it will go down as a pub quiz question for years to come...who is the only manager to be sacked by an ESL team :lol:

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Funniest thing I’ve seen for ages, although it’s a bit of a shame it didn’t go through and the big six get kicked out of the PL, as that would mean my beloved Leeds would be in a CL spot :lol:

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Ignoring the massive can of worms that expelling those clubs would open for a moment (let's not pretend for a second that lawsuits wouldn't be filed).


Kicking them out would cause an interesting dilemma for the PL - do they remove the points gained from those teams who were expelled? Or award the points dropped, plus 3 points for all games not yet played? It would be the footballing equivalent of all of those ridiculous stewards enquiries after the race to determine final classification. The clubs can't be expelled midseason and the PL just allow the points to stand as they are.


I'm far too lazy to see how that would affect the table, could change things a fair bit though though (...well, less so City's results actually :lol:).

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