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Tesla Roadster coming soon again


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Apparently will be revealed this summer. It could come with thrusters that help acceleration and hover a meter off the ground without killing anyone. Maybe it will hover at a max speed of 30 mph for safety reasons who knows. Musk says the roadster will outperform any gas combustion Supercar hands down. 


Rocket thrusters all around the car will improve handling apparently using compressed air during acceleration and cornering. Production should start in 2022! 


On a side note some companies in Europe are trying to get their flying cars licensed by the relevant regulatory bodies. Road agencies, FAA and European regulatory bodies. Nothing is impossible right? :snack:


Claimed specs

0-60 1.9 seconds

250mph top speed


620 mile range 



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35 minutes ago, ilogikal1 said:

So we're not counting the 45-60 minutes it takes to warm the batteries up to be able to do a quarter mile in 9.47 seconds, then? Asking for a friend.

Is that still a thing?!?! I assumed that had died long ago. 

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4 minutes ago, Impressed said:

I know Elon can be a bit of Wnkr but I believe this will be a serious machine. Out of my price range though.

Be interesting if the thrusters get through UK legislation.



Problem may be is that people that buy these want the soundtrack to go with it. Especially since the richest buyers buy more for road presence , the status symbol factor and revving around city centres

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