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Fake noise


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Glad you have asked, I want to know the same.

I know it can be turned off with a remap think its the ecutek one ? Im hoping there is another way for the mean time.


I found this:

If you want to disable Active Sound Enhancement (and you cannot do it programmatically with Nissan CONSULT) you can unplug (or cut) the ‘engine speed signal’ from the Bose Amp. It's the pin 28.


Source: http://www.the370z.com/audio-video/115717-disabling-active-sound-enhancement-ase-active-noise-cancellation-anc-2016-a-2.html



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1 hour ago, Willsy1980 said:

I'll just be using them for services till im out of warranty period, £276 all in for the standard P1 type service. Then most likely over to TDi North there after. 

Not many decent indies up this way with Z expertise unfortunately 

Wow isn't the p1 just oil and filter change 

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2 hours ago, ShortPaul said:

Would interested to know, my zed won't be going anywhere near a main dealer, wouldn't be surprised if they want it for several hours, and spill some bull about how difficult a job it is

I’d expect if it requires CONSULT it’ll be a standard diagnostic charge (because diagnostic machine, no other reason) and an hour’s labour, tbh.

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22 hours ago, ShortPaul said:

Has anyone pulled out pin 28 from the bose amp yet? This is allegedly the wire to cancel fake engine noise 


No Didn't bother, issue fixed itself when I put the sort tails on :) 

Downside is, I can't hear much at all these days :lol:

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Hi all,


did anyone find out in the end whether Horsham can stop the fake sound either as part of a service or via a remap?


Or whether a Nismo dealer can do it?


I plan to change the exhaust next year but in the meantime deleting that fake noise would be great!

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Unpopular opinion after seeing the exhaust threads of people mentioning noise and not wanting to cause offence. I actually support manufacturers like BMW, Toyota and VW using sound actuators. It might sound like a vacuum cleaner on High setting but you wont be disturbing the neighborhood or embarrassing yourself at Full Throttle. 


Plus when it all goes EV, youll be able to pick between fake V8 or V10 sound modules in your Tesla. Plus your Tesla actually moves quicker than a sports car. No issues from Neighbours and you get to enjoy your car in peace! 😂

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