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cleaning an restoring faded tan Leather seats


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so then next job on my list was to bring some life back into the tan leather seats on my 54 plate 350z. While not destroyed they were tired, with creases, fades, surface cracks and discolouration. I've done other leather seats before. here's what I did.


1. vacuum all over

2. clean with Autoglym leather cleaner using a brush for leather shoes. this lifted shed loads of dirt and grime .

3. wipe down with damp chamois.

4. dry with paper towel 

5. multiple thin layers of Scratch Doctor leather all in one (tan). applied with small pore sponge and dried with hairdryer on low heat.

6. 24h later, treated with leather balm.


I'm really happy with the results, 16 year old seats that have done 140k miles.



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That is some shiny leather in the after photos! Which is nothing more than the leather balm sitting on top of the top coat of leather - I highly recommend skipping any leather balm/feed/conditioner to modern leather, it never reaches the leather and just encourages more damage to be inflicted.


That side the rest of the repair looks a great job, so well done there.

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this is the scratch doctor all in one stuff I've used on a few cars. lots of colours to pick from and you get 2 bottles for about £7. it has lasted well on my other projects.


here's a car seat sofa I build for my son from a 100k miles Mazda seat. it ended up looking new




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Just wanted to provide an update as it's some 8 months since I reconditioned the tan seats. They still look fantastic! Car us used about twice weekly for long and short journeys and the leather has held up brilliantly - I've not had to re-touch once. Pretty impressed with that especially considering we've had a mix of snow and baking hot weather that I thought would put the finish to the test.

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