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New-ish Owner - South Wales

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Hi all


I've been lurking for around a year now, soaking up all the knowledge ;) 


Purchased the Car in February this year, 2006 Facelift Model with 68K on the clock.  In good condition and i had a bit of a bargain considering what i part ex-ed.


I look forward to being a part of the community. As far as i can tell my car is completely stock bar the pioneer head unit.


A few things i want to do to the car for starters:


 - Alloys are a state so need to get them refurbished and get some quality rubber on them.  (i had alloy protection thrown in for being messed about a bit so should be able to get them done on that (attached a few pics)

 - Picked up a paint chip kit from Nissan to sort out the stone ships here and there

 - Had the interior door plastics re-sprayed 

 - Need to correct all the markings on the centre cubby. whoever had it before had the touch of a rhino or just long nails or something. The button        resembles a painters radio. (attached a pic of the drivers panel - cubby still looks similar to this)

 - I've purchased a new stubby Aerial however the holder/fitment on the actual car is a bit worn so will probably look to replace that also.

-  with the poor weather i've noticed some water in the boot. Tried to strip it down yesterday but didn't have a suitable amount of time to dedicate       so put it back together, soaked up the water and will try again when my garage is ready. From the forum it seems i'll probably need one of those Renault vent things 

-  Clutch is starting to slip, maybe a few K left in it but i'm replacing with Exedy clutch and LUK DMF in the next few weeks

- I want to improve the noise slightly but don't have the cash for a new exhaust & fitting at the moment so will put a JWT Pop charger in.


Today's plan is to clean up the headlights, i bought a T-cut kit to give them a little more sparkle, would appreciate some feedback if you think this is a poor choice of product, i have a few hours before i finish work ;)


After the Clutch and Flywheel are changed I'll be sending it for a P3 service (including sparks as i don't think these have ever been changed) and a Winter detail. Does anyone in South Wales (Swansea way) have any experience of Nistec? (a local Nissan Specialist). WOuld also appreciate some feedback on them.


Anyway, thanks for reading and glad i finally took the time to sign up!












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Hi and welcome along buddy. Nice looking car there, as for t-cut I wouldn't touch it at all there are much better products out there. I am sure some of our detailers will be along shortly to advise on these better products....

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Nistec used be excellent back in the day for servicing but I’ve not heard much about them in the last few years. 

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Thanks all


Stayed away from the tcut for now.


Had to squeeze her into the garage overnight as the reverse sensors were going haywire and the boot was swimming yesterday. Will strip the boot today and completely dry it out. 


Im guessing the water was playing havok with the sensors. 


Anyone know how I could repair the seals or get new ones of the below quite quickly? 

Screenshot_20190927-222326_Samsung Internet.jpg

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