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LED rear indicator bulbs**


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Together with the smoked lenses and updated led rear clusters they finish off the rear nicely.

Wish I'd seen this last year as I spent an age just getting the right standard bulbs.

If it wasn't such a pain removing my tight rear clusters to gain access I'd get these too and redo mine.

Be worth having these bulbs put up as a sticky I reckon :thumbs:

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Mine have been a super tight fit from day 1.

Literally 30-60 mins to slide them out after undoing the 3 screws.

I usually have to use floss and string to pull them out.

When I refitted with the updated led clusters it was just the same come removal to change the indicator bulbs :(.

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So a good upgrade for me :thumbs: 

When indicating, how the LEDs operate gives a modern touch to the rear end. For a few quid, it's a no brainer. 


Manufacturers are all going over to LED, so I'm not overly concerned about them being too bright. 

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