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Headlight modification diy -black + halos

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Hey guys,


So ive been putting this off for ages now but i saw the how to on painting the headlights and adding halos and figured it was about time to give it a go - I filmed the process ( not a how to video ) but still hopefully entertaining enough to watch skip to 1:30 around to move past my chit chat part  and just see the video if your interested if not. Heres a pic of before and after :) - 



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2 hours ago, teejay said:

what are you using to reseal the lights when reassembling and did you get any  misting inside:stir:

Hey, once we put them back together we chucked them back int he makeshift oven to get the sealant all gooey again and then after pressing them into place used some industrial sealant stuff from my friends at the bodyshop bit like an instant gasket but the smell of a 1000 year old troll - ive washed the car and drove it around int he rain to check for misting but so far so good !! once you take the first leap and get them open the worry factor kind of just disappears haha 

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