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*** TORQEN *** New manufacturers and products lined up for 2018


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Hi guys,


We're in the process of listing a lot of more products for the 350z and 370z, so I thought I'd share the news with you. Here is what's coming next to TORQEN:


Styling / Body Kits directly from Japan


1. Vertex - http://t-and-e.co.jp/index.shtml


350z - http://www.vertex-usa.com/catalog/03-UP-350Z-Z33/


2. Weber Sport - http://www.webersports.jp 


370z - http://www.webersports.jp/gallery/gallery_list-3194-16216-1.html

350z - http://www.webersports.jp/gallery/gallery_list-3194-14915-1.html


3. Rocket Bunny - http://www.greddy.com/products/aerodynamics/rocketbunny/filter:model:350Z/


350z - https://shopgreddy.com/products/17020350


4. Varis Japan - http://www.varis.co.jp/varis/products/nissan/


370z - http://varis.co.jp/z34kamikaze.html and http://varis.co.jp/varis/products/nissan/z34/arising2.html


5. Border Racing - http://www.border-racing.com/contents/tuning/z/


6. Rowen - http://www.rowen.co.jp/en/


370z - http://www.rowen.co.jp/en/product/detail.php?id=41

350z - http://www.rowen.co.jp/en/product/detail.php?id=117


7. Aimgain - http://www.aimgain.net/english/







8. Voltex - https://www.voltex.ne.jp/index.html


You can see some of the Aero parts they do on their catalogue here: https://www.voltex.ne.jp/cataloguevol1-2/VOLTEX_Vol1-2.pdf




1. ARQRAY - http://www.arqray.jp


370z exhausts - https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/exhausts/exhaust-systems/14711-370z-arqray-schaferhund-stainless-sport-exhaust-arq-1009au30.html  - these are in stock already


2. Sikky - https://www.sikky.com


LSx engine swap parts - they're currently working on direct fit RHD versions - https://www.torqen.uk/1470-ls-conversion


3. Ohlins - https://www.ohlins.eu/en/


Full catalogue already available on TORQEN - https://www.torqen.uk/675-nissan


4. Planted Technology - http://www.plantedtechnology.com


Full catalogue already available on TORQEN - https://www.torqen.uk/1424-nissan


5. QuickSilver exhausts - https://quicksilverexhausts.store


370z - https://quicksilverexhausts.store/collections/nissan/products/nissan-370z-sport-exhaust-2009-on


6. RTS Automotive - https://www.rtsautomotive.co.uk


350z and 370z - https://www.torqen.uk/414_rts


7. GruppeM - http://www.gruppem.co.jp/en


370z - http://www.gruppem.co.jp/matching/products_search/details_en.php?goods_id=7764

350z - http://www.gruppem.co.jp/matching/products_search/details_en.php?goods_id=7222

350z - http://www.gruppem.co.jp/matching/products_search/details_en.php?goods_id=7221

350z - http://www.gruppem.co.jp/matching/products_search/details_en.php?goods_id=6535

350z - http://www.gruppem.co.jp/matching/products_search/details_en.php?goods_id=6534


8. MCR Crimson - http://www.mcr-ltd.com/


370z - http://www.mcr-ltd.com/products/z34/

350z - http://www.mcr-ltd.com/products/z33/


TORQEN products


1. High Flow Cats for 350z DE, 350z HR and 370z are leaving the factory next week, existing pre-orders will be shipped out the same day they arrive in UK


2. 350z and 370z Oil coolers - this was a long overdue product, we will be releasing more details pretty soon


3. 350z HR / 370z uprated CSC - again, this is a long overdue product, we hope to have these ready in the next 3 months.


More to follow! 

Feel free to suggest any other manufacturer or product you'd like to be able to purchase on our website. Any other comment or suggestion is more than welcome!


Thank you for your continuous support! 



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27 minutes ago, Adrian@TORQEN said:

We're in the process of listing these online, I'll get you a price pretty soon, thanks for your patience :) 

I'm in no rush, sometime later this year would be fine :) need to save the pennies for a few months after buying something big and shiny for the weekdays. I didn't think the weber was being produced it's such a nice look, lusted after it for so long

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3 hours ago, Adrian@TORQEN said:

Only top quality parts from Japan, not looking into copies of replica of a cloned body kit stuff :lol:  If you know a company doing these poly kits let us know and we'll have a look.

:lol: haha you will be surprised to see how good my replica bunny kit from Knight Racer looks now :D


I only know Vicrez was doing polyurethane kits but I will have a search :thumbs:

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On 02/06/2018 at 21:45, MDMetal said:

My wallet is burning! How bad is it likely to be?

Please PM me, I finally got all the prices from Weber. Just so you know, ETA on parts to be manufactured is 60-75 days, depending on what transportation we use, shipping time could be from 1 week to 6-12 weeks extra.

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