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Cleaned off Alezan dye?

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Sargara    249

In typical 350z fashion one job now appears to have lead to another job.


The bolsters on my Alezan leather drivers seat were looking a little worse for wear, dirt getting into cracks that i wasn't able to clean with my usual wipe method so I figured i'd try and do it properly, bought some APC, a detailing brush to work it into the leather and some leather restorer for afterwards.... I got as far as using the brush on the APC after letting it sit for a minute or two and I now appear to have cleaned off some layer of dye?


Passenger seat went flawless so I assume this is a previous owners attempt to repair the leather that I've now reversed?




Help! What are my options here? :surrender:


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Sargara    249

Nice one thanks i'll have a look if there are alternatives closer to Nottingham as that company only covers certain areas. Is it a case of re-dying the bits that have been removed by me in essence?

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Dashurik    67

Hi Sargara!

I used  the company mentioned by Adrian yesterday.Im very pleased with outcome.My interior wasn’t in greatest condition and I didn’t want to attemp repair myself as most likely I wouldn’t achieve good result.

Very knowledgable guy as his company does lots of leather repairs,reconditioning and even full retrim.

Whole job took him aprox 3 1/2 hours,all fully masked so no marks or overspray on plastics etc..

Repair was done on both seats,gear knob and handbrake.










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ilogikal1    1,363
2 hours ago, allblue500 said:

Know of anyone around South Cheshire who can do this?


Ricey's from around those parts, isn't he? Have a Google for Revolve Automotive, he definitely does leather restoration too.

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