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  1. Know of anyone around South Cheshire who can do this?
  2. Any ideas as to the cause of my knocking guys....only happens at low speeds and uneven roads (more so if you're turning), you know the usual. I have been to the garage 3 times and each time they can't find anything wrong, I've jacked the car up and pulled on the wheel for any movement - nothing. Everything looks fine but still the bloody knocking???
  3. Anyone got photos of the GT style front lip on the car? Cant decide between this or the Mines Style one!
  4. I too have a slight knocking/creaking sound but i took it a specialist garage and after some checks found nothing wrong with anything including all the bushes...and they heard the sound but still can't find it lol
  5. Looking good!....Love the silly mirror sticker lol
  6. My god are those cheap! Pity I'm not nearer as i would of been tempted
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