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Fast road/Track 350z 3.7ltr HR built


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Took me a while to sort and with a fluffed gear change in there too, but here’s a quick sound clip so you get the idea of sound of the car. 

I’ll have another go one day, with better location and a bit more time……..and light. 

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Things have been a little slow with the Z with one thing and another, it dawned on me that it'll be a 3 year break from track days if I don't manage to get one in this year! Although I've had some decent runs out in the Z on road I was really wanting to open up the new engine and try out the new wheel/tyre combination to see if everything was moving in the right direction...


Had a little look and saw Circuit Days listed Anglesey Coastal and so made myself a nice road trip route up there and booked on..........we've had such an amazing summer what could possibly go wrong! Even Wales has been having sun shine!


Sadly I must have upset someome as Thursday had a huge band of rain that essentially hit the track at 9am and went at 6pm.........no rain the week before or week after!! Great!!


Still been at it long enough to just get on with it and enjoy yourself.........it was the wettest day I think I've ever been on and the track although usually keeping bit of grip in the wet was like an ice rink in places! Engine was strong enough to spin the wheels through 3rd and I suspected 4th at full throttle so gentle rolling on and short shifting was the game...........with a little bit of playing around for good measure.........data gathering for building decent tc map is what I officially called it!


Few pics












Couple of laps...........I know it looks like I'm walking pace.........because it was.........and bloody slippery!!




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On 27/09/2022 at 19:24, Hansburger said:

Nice! I just love Anglesey! 😍



Yeah it’s great!! Never the same twice!! 


On 27/09/2022 at 20:08, davey_83 said:

Just typical ay!! 


Ultimate N/A 350z sleeper at a glance this one!! Bet you wished you had full wets for that day sadly. Needed a dry track ideally to test the new wheel/tyre size fitment.


Yeah I mean a set of 4S’s would’ve been plenty good enough over stone cold track tyres!! 

Engines been pushed a lot harder on the road was just tickling it round but still enjoyed myself!



On 27/09/2022 at 20:59, G1en said:

Braved it well given the conditions. I absolutely hate it when its that wet, Nobody else on track either just to emphasise it. Looking forward to a good dry run


Thanks!! It was a quiet, low numbers day but in fairness I’ve cherry picked these laps as they were clear. Must say there were plenty of spinners but not one red flag all day!! 

Yep let’s hope the next one is dry………..and even if it’s not I’m hoping that by then I’ll have fully set up traction control which will be fun to play with. 


On 30/09/2022 at 12:11, nissanman312 said:

Sleeper ? with blue wheels 🤣


Envy is a deadly sin you know!!? You’re always on about my blueness 

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