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Dan's Scooby thread *Pics & exhaust vid p2*


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Very nice, sounds well too! Running stock power? This is one of those cars I cant believe I havent owned yet. Dreamt of one for years as a kid but since becoming in a position to buy one its never been my first choice. Starting to increase in value now too Ive noticed.

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On 7/20/2017 at 17:34, Ekona said:

They used to be orange :lol: Now faded to a rose gold, we'll get them redone in either the orange again or probably go back to the black when we first bought her. The orange was the idea of the last owner, funnily enough also called Stu!


Personally I'd be happy to go louder, but then that would almost certainly drone at certain revs and that was an absolute no-no. Def not chavvy this way either, in the way some exhausts on a Scooby can be. 

rose gold ?

they're pink just embrace your feminine side dan accept it it's like my missus keeps telling me she's strawberry blonde :lol:


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3 hours ago, nowhereboy said:

Very nice, sounds well too! Running stock power?

In theory a stock STi is 260bhp, a PPP equipped car (like ours) is 305bhp. We had it dynoed a few years back in our first ownership and it was putting out just shy of 320bhp... Depends how much you trust dynos I guess, I doubt it's under 300bhp though given how hard it pulls all the way to the redline which is very rare for turbo car.


And Andy they're rose-gold :p I'll let you argue with other half if you want to insist they're pink :lol: 

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