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R32 GT-R Build/Refurb/Maintenance Diary....


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Nice buy mate! Was looking at importing one before a charged zed cropped up and caught my eye instead. No way you will lose money on that, especially in such a rare and nice colour!


Think they all have calsonic radiators, I remember my R32 GTST did too :)


Thanks, I've been looking for ages for the right one and glad I passed on so many to get this one.


Aww, don't tell me that they all had calsonic radiators I was feeling like a special boy. :lol:


there is potentially something very interesting about this car, I've emailed a company in Japan to find out more.

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I haven't had a 350z for almost a year and the year and a bit before that mine was supercharged so I can't really remember what a standard one was like. However, compared to my one it feels very raw/mechanical and the steering feels far more direct than I remember the 350z being. Again, this one has a few modifications with Tein springs and Cusco adjustable arms with 265/35/18 tyres all round so that's probably helping a lot.


I'm a bit gutted that calsonic radiators were standard in a lot of cars. :lol:

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Little update, found one problem after another with the car. Due to the problems, the bodges and distance of the garage I got it from I decided rather than going down the warranty route, risking more heart ache and financial bother further down the line I will stump up the cash to get everything renewed. At least this way I know the work has been done to a decent standard. I have (pictures to follow) replaced so far:


New cam gears

New cam belt (hks kevlar one)

New pulleys/bearings

New front pads

New water pump

Radiator system flushed, found to be full of radweld that has now blocked up the heater matrix.


The car is currently in the garage awaiting a clutch slave cylinder that decided to let go at the weekend.


Sadly, it has been an expensive month and a lesson not to buy on reputation alone.

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Sorry to hear this Ian - always the danger of buying any car I suppose. As you say, at least you'll know the car is all in good order now, and I'm sure there'll be a good return in the future if you ever sell up!


Yep, I think the car has spent more time in and around mechanic garages than my own! :lol:


I think every day I've gone to take it out it's started to rain too, I've really not had much luck however hopefully soon I'll be able to enjoy it! It should be fixed tomorrow as Scott @ Abbey sorted me out with a slave cylinder after no one else could get me one.


After pay day I'll take it to them to get the tune checked and sorted.


Longer plans over winter are to sort the small amounts of rust (bulkhead, rear arch) and get the underseal removed and properly reapplied.

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Welcome to skyline ownership ;):lol:


Thanks... Baptism by fire is pretty fitting I think. :surrender:


didnt you have a similar afet with your 350z......maybe its just you ;)


That car was fine until I started doing silly things to it. I think tomzzzcattle is getting on okay with it so maybe you're right, it is me. :lol:

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You'll get used to it ;) just set up a direct debit your favoured garage :)


No doubt I will, just like prisoners get used to picking up the soap in the showers.


Yep all good thanks Ian- great car! :thumbs: and I'm sure your GTR will be too the time you have finished with it- just don't sell it this time! :lol:


Yeah, I think that's the trick.. don't sell it after I've put most of my money into it. :lol:

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Ah man this thread is putting me off ever buying a GTR.


Hows the build going now? I have a friend with a 500 + BHP R33 GTR but as above its never out of the garage, it seems every time he takes it out something goes wrong. He had it imported from a very well respected importer too.


Hah, touch wood the car has been okay for now.. Although it hasn't been out much. Next thing on the list is to get the map sorted but had a few unforeseen bills come in, hopefully I'll get it sorted end of next month.


It does seem to be the way with the cars that something is always broken but it's an old car and it's going to need parts. If you go in with your eyes open and prepare for the wallet rape you should do just fine, it'll also help if you don't have to drive it everyday, helps spread failures across the year. :lol:


Lovely looking car mouthwash such a nice colour for the R32


Makes me miss my old one :(


If you need any parts give us a shout we have a load of good used parts and can source anything new, Rich has years of GTR experience from his days at Middlehurst and RB Motorsport


What colour did you have? TH1 too? There's another bloody TH1 around the corner from me would you believe it (not sure if I mentioned it).


I did phone you up a month or so ago for the clutch slave cylinder, you put me on to Abbey who got the part in the end. I'm sure I'll be needing parts at some point and I've got your phone number so expect more calls. :p

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Mine was Grey (its the one in the avatar) I sold it to a friend who just recently sold it to a chap in Wales. The values are climbing fast so if you plan on keeping it for a few years any money you spend now should be easily recouped :)


Ah okay, I thought it was a stock photo :lol: see very similar ones to that all over the place. Unless I have to I won't be getting rid of it, it's just far too cool. :)

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Not many updates to the car so far, it's been to Abbey for a general nose over and small bits and bobs doing.


I also got some new wheels which has made the car a lot better imo.




Work 11r 17x9 ET17


I think coilovers are next on my list, hopefully before the CAT driver training in July.

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