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  1. I have a CD009 gearbox for sale with 64K miles on it. In good working order please PM for more details. I will have pictures tomorrow.
  2. Sorry Chris have just replied to your ,messgae, thanks.
  3. I'm looking for a bi-Xenon facelift headlamp from a 2006 onwards if anyone has?
  4. I'm looking for a passenger side front twin pot non Brembo caliper from a JDM 350Z. If you have one please get in touch. I can arrange collection if you do not wish to post. If you have a pair that you don;t want to split I would also take. Many thanks
  5. Up for sale is this lovely 2006 facelift Auto Fairlady/350Z that I imported earlier this year. I brought this over as I fancied one to run around in this summer. Initially I was looking for a manual but my buyer found this low mileage (64K miles) auto in great condition. I have had a few manuals but never an auto but i'm actually pleasantly surprised at how nice it is for a daily driver. It has the option to change up and down manually on the stick or just leave it in full auto mode. Being an import the underside is almost like new, it looks like a 6 month old car its
  6. Yes I still have them, I'll send you payment details over later today
  7. *** 350Z/370Z New parts to clear *** I have some new old stock i'm needing to move on, some are listed below ill put more up as I sort through it. DBA 5000 T3 2 Piece discs for 370Z - RRP £787.65 SOLD Goodridge Brake Hose Kit for 370Z - RRP £186.95 SOLD Genuine Nissan 370Z Roadster Boot Mat - RRP £83.97 My Price £36 Genuine Nissan 350Z Roadster Boot Mat - RRP £70.77 My Price £30, ONE SOLD ONLY ONE LEFT 370Z Eibach/SPC Front Camber Arms 5.72130K - Brand new RRP is £409, My Price £195. One of the best quality camber arms for the price of
  8. Thanks Paul just replied to you I have the sensor in stock.
  9. Hi Paul Apologies we are having some issues with PayPal checkout. I have sent you a PM.
  10. Hi James No but we have good low mileage used units in stock, both DE and DE Rev up.
  11. Our second offer for Black Friday is on the ever popular Xtreme clutch kits for the DE and HR models. These are never normally discounted so this is your chance to grab a genuine bargain. Xtreme DE Organic clutch and flywheel kit - RRP £811.87 Black Friday Price £699 Xtreme HR Organic clutch and flywheel kit including CSC - RRP £1150.18 Black Friday Price £975 Delivery is £10 to UK Mainland for either kit
  12. Hi mate, they are £199 for the pair plus £8 delivery on the Black Friday deal
  13. We have a great deal for this years Black Friday on DBA T2 Brake discs and Hawk brake pads. RRP on DBA T2 front discs £255.73. Black Friday price £199 RRP on DBA T2 rear discs £255.73. Black Friday price £199 RRP on Hawk HPS Front Brake pads £134.67. Black Friday Price £99 RRP on Hawk HPS Rear Brake pads £99.64. Black Friday Price £75 We can offer the front and rear pads for an even better deal of £165 for the front and rear set. Genuine discounts that will not be repeated, please get in touch for further details or to pur
  14. No problem, the main benefits of switching from the dual mass setup to a lighter single mass flywheel are that its maintenance free with no moving parts and also a lot lighter allowing the engine to rev more freely. The Xtreme kit has a higher clamp load than the OEM clutch kit which means it can deal with more power, we have a number of FI cars running this setup with no issues. It retains a stock pedal feel so is ideal for everyday use. There will be an increase in gearbox idle chatter below 1500rpm but the benefits far out weigh this. We supply and suppor
  15. No offence taken The clamp load figures are on our thread in our trader section and on the Xtreme UK website but the flywheel weight is not, ill see if I can get that added.
  16. I could have given you this information Clamp load is 1285kgs which equates to 615nm or 453 ft lb of torque. The flywheel weight is 7.2kgs and is optimised to reduce the chatter experienced with going from the dual mass to single mass flywheel.
  17. Glad you are impressed Jack, we always have this kit in stock for next day delivery
  18. Thanks Alex We have both kits in stock for next day delivery, very popular choice with many happy buyers. Is it a DE or HR that you have?
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