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My HR Remap


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Hi all,


So just recently I went over to RS Tuning in Leeds to have a re-map done.


It all started out with some surprising news that my Z was down on power due to her seemingly having learnt a fuel map that made her run rich (turbo rich as Paul described it). I'm not sure how this may have happened, or if the car previously had a bad map, but thankfully it hasn't caused any damage.


In my opinion, the car feels a little bit faster (obviously 30bhp makes a difference) and it definitely drives smoother so for me it has been worthwhile, the only thing is the rpm stutter that the HR seems to have has not been fixed by the re-map, although TDI-North claim they can fix it so at the minute I'm not 100% sure what I want to do (any thoughts appreciated!).


Anyway, here are the mods, figures, a graph, a pic and a video for you all to have a look at!



Cosworth Air Filters

Scorpion Y-Pipe

Scorpion Exhaust



Starting bhp: 285.5

Finished bhp: 317


Started FtLb: 260-ish

Finished FtLb: 280-ish


Starting whp: 234.5

Finished whp: 262.1


When talking HP gain, it is obviously more like a rough 10hp gain than a 31.5bhp gain, this is just down to how my car was running but I'm treating it as a bonus as I may not have otherwise got that power back without resetting the ECU (which I don't do often!)


Graph: https://goo.gl/photo...Hc9AWFdfno9SG29


Pic: https://goo.gl/photo...Prp59nTWWy4HuY7


Video: https://goo.gl/photo...vwxri18QcSDzig8

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Ok this could be interesting Frankie!


Essentially I'll get roughly to the point where my engine will be getting to operating temperature, at which point my exhaust note changes and my rev needle literally bounces up and down for a few seconds (like it is swapping fuel maps and making a hash of it). From my research my understanding was that this was a HR issue and it would be resolved by having the re-map done (or at least that's what TDI North seemed to confirm to me).


I've noticed the car will accelerate fine when this happens, if I plant my foot then that seems to cure the problem immediately, but I know that if something like that is happening then planting my foot is obviously no long term fix.


I'm guessing this hasn't happened to you then?

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I had some serious hesitation before the map after putting the exhaust and decats on, but it dosnt sound like the issues your having, again mine did have some hesitation or bouncing if i tried to accelerate slowly in a higher gear, say 6th at 50 it would like shake the car and hesitate, sometimes it would do it full throttle like it was struggling, sometimes it would hesitate on giving power in lower gears like third if i wasn't already sorta driving it in the good revs it would take a few seconds to give me power and shake the car a little....some of the issues can be seen clearly on my graph though there is a significant surge when it decides its alright.


after the map i haven't experienced any issues like before, the power is so much more responsive and the torque is now available in the higher gears at lower revs for me to pootle along rather than having to down shift to accelerate to stop the hesitation.


before the map i also had a struggling idle but again it wasn't a severe bounce it would just search slightly at times, but from chatting to RS Tuning he did have to up the fuel considerably on idle for mine it now sits static just below 1k


id be interested to find out whats causing the bouncing though especially if the map from RS Tuning hasnt resolved the issue

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If those are WHP figures they are good. 285 at the hubs before a remap would suggest to me that the car was running slightly above stock power and is now 40BHP higher :thumbs:

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