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  1. The car is far more drivable after the map, I had some hesitation issues before with it, the power feels more instant, your right with the gains side of things, you can't really feel the 10bhp in your but dyno, but the drivability of the car has improved massively for my car anyway, if you look on the graph, you can see the car was peaking just about 2k rpm which is where the car was hesitating and pogoing around, plus I have the air fuel ratio on one of my print outs and it has massively changed as the car was running considerably lean by the looks of the graph so it's always good to get the
  2. Frankie0148

    My HR Remap

    I had some serious hesitation before the map after putting the exhaust and decats on, but it dosnt sound like the issues your having, again mine did have some hesitation or bouncing if i tried to accelerate slowly in a higher gear, say 6th at 50 it would like shake the car and hesitate, sometimes it would do it full throttle like it was struggling, sometimes it would hesitate on giving power in lower gears like third if i wasn't already sorta driving it in the good revs it would take a few seconds to give me power and shake the car a little....some of the issues can be seen clearly on my grap
  3. Frankie0148


    The Rocket in for its remap at RS Tuning
  4. Frankie0148

    My HR Remap

    Not bad results buddy, not long had mine back from RS Tuning with very similar end results on my HR. What Do you mean by the RPM Stutter your experiencing?
  5. Hi Guys, I have recently taken my 2008 HR with 55K into RS Tuning In Leeds ( Monday 17th August) Firstly the Modifications I have done to the car: Cobra Decats Buddy Club Pro spec 3 Cat back Pipercross Panel Filters, The car had a full service around a thousand miles before the map, including all diff and gearbox oils, with all of the oils and parts recomended by Opie oils I always run the car on 99RON from either tescos or shell And the week before I had the map done I run some Red Ex through the tank just for a good flush The first run showed a healthy 313HP
  6. Have you seen my build thread? ...all that happened in one year! Mmmmm supercharger! Looks like an awesome build! Although a supercharger is not something I'm even considering at the moment haha iv seen on here that the HR gets decent gains with just bolt ons and a good map....so I'll go down that route first....then the wheels maybe.....then springs/coilovers....then body bits just need a sponsor really....or a rich girlfriend I have got that ocd detailing bug you mentioned though....£££££spent on wax and different products....until I let my dad borrow the car for a week an
  7. I'm so glad the y pipe didn't come with flexis too! haha, I love my black Z....when she's clean....and I can't see the swirls and scratches that the cats have left, some serious effort has to be made keeping a black car look clean! Glad everyone likes the post may have caught this zedittis bug that's going around though....been looking at the BGW thread....it's unheathy how easy you guys make all this haha
  8. Not tried it with the baffles in yet, I have them in the car just incase I get told off! Haha I'll post another review on them with the baffles fitted and possibly a video to show the difference. Just need to get an intake and get it mapped now so I can stop it hesitating at times when the throttle is applied and smooth it all out
  9. I managed to do 60 odd miles in it this weekend....just turn the music up when I get bored of the drone . It was my brother in the car following he was flat out bless him trying to keep up and I had no part in how he took the video haha must have been easier for him to hold it while he was driving
  10. Alright guys, Just thought i would make a thread for my exhaust build on my HR 350z I messaged Cougar store a week ago asking if the Buddy Club system was back in production or if it was still discontinued, to my absolute delight, he responded and explained that it is back in production.....winning I placed the order for the pro spec along with a set of HR Cobra de-cats (want more pops and bangs so i can giggle like a little child) with CS and within a few days, my first parcel had been delivered....including a picture from the delivery driver showing me where he had left my parce
  11. I seem to have only noticed it with the Z, i had a classic mini for my first car that was my pride and joy, but never seemed to have anyone ding it or even park next too it if im honest, plus if i had the opportunity to park it in the covered trolly bays i would....then there was no chance of anyone dinging my car haha
  12. I always try and park mine the furthest away from anyone else too! but still end up with idiots parking as close as possible to me. I found a nasty one on my drivers door a few days after I bought my car, it even took a chunk of paint off too been told i need a full door re-spray rather than smart repair as well i can say good by to £120 thanks to some muppet!......so yeah i try and steer well clear of anyone when im parking up!
  13. Frankie0148


    This is my 2008 313GT called Nina
  14. I haven't had many reactions since iv had mine ( about 3 months) been to a few local meets and no one seems interested, they seem more interested in VAG's and VXR corsa's than anything else. Had a few people turn their heads when the throttles open but other than that I haven't had much interest other than guys that know their cars and know me.....maybe because I'm 22 they think I'm a d**k haha
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