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  1. Hopefully sold thanks for looking everyone!
  2. Deposit paid 19/04/14 **SOLD** 2002 Fairlady Z import for sale - most of you will remember it I'm living on the Isle of Wight now but I thought I'd post it here in case anyone is looking. 60k on the clock, just been serviced and MOT'd by Nissan, 11 month MOT left, 5 months tax. Mod list as below: Engine Bay Polished Plenum & Throttle body All polished bolts ESR Polished intake All polished Mikalor hose clamps Motordyne 5/16th Plenum Spacer JWT Intake with Blitz Metal Gauze Air Filter Cusco Strut Brace Stillen engine damper Custom aluminuim bottles Nismo Grounding Kit Varis Cooling plate Carbo fibre batery & fluid covers Nismo oil and Rad caps ESR bonnet lifters Engine & Exhaust 2003 JDM VQ35DE Nismo R tune ECU Exceddy Clutch Berk Hi-Flow Cats Fijitsubo Y pipe Japspeed K1 Exhaust custom exhaust midpipe silencers Modified lower plenum Suspension Cusco engine strut brace Cusco Anti-roll bars K&W Variant 3 coilovers Brake System CAD big brake kit Rear Brembo brakes with DBA4000 disks Stainless Steel braided hoses Ferodo DS2500 pads all round Wheels Rays Volk GT-S 19†9.5 front 10.5 rear powder coated dark grey Falken 452 Tyres ICE Nurrish Satnav system Pioneer DEH P77MP head unit JBL GT4 enclosed subwoofer VIBE amp American Legacy 6" door woofers American Legacy tweeters & in-door switchable crossovers Exterior Modified JDM front bumper (mesh instead of grille) Varis Cannards Vars front lip Black chrome Z burger badge with carbon insert Varis Arising bonnet Varis Air duct Carbon fibre mirror overlays Carbon fibre roof overlay Carbon fibre side badges Varis B pillar covers Nismo V1 side skirts Nismo V1 spoiler Rear mud guards Rear bumper tuck Genuine Tommy Kaira Z badge 06 LED rear lights Please send me a PM for details. Regards
  3. On the off chance has anybody got a space saver wheel I can borrow for an hour on the IoW? I got rid of mine ages ago in favour of extra boot space and a can of foam stuff but the tyre is torn so can't be inflated. I just need to borrow it to get the Zed back from Racecourse roundabout to Ryde as it won't go on the back of the recovery service I've tried. Any help is appreciated
  4. Just some food for thought... I haven't looked at the Dell streak specifically but the issue I had with a couple of tablets was re-routing the on/off/sleep switch to somewhere more accessible as they are usually on one of the sides of the tablet. eveything else is pretty easy as the rest of the stuff can be hidden behind the screen (such as wiring for chargers etc).
  5. If done properly the VS Wide arch kit can be awesome viewtopic.php?f=11&t=13467 (Zedrush's old car - one of my favorites )
  6. Cheers for the reply Tarmac! I have PM'd Leon but had no answer mate. No chance of repairing the current one unfortunately
  7. No traders that sell CF front lips any more then??
  8. Well done for the past few years mate
  9. Hey guys, need a carbon fibre front lip, putting my car up for sale this week and will lose lots of money if I buy a varis one to replace the scuffed old one! Can the traders let me know what they've got too please, looking to buy one tomorrow if possible
  10. to the club I'm just putting a for sale thread together for my Zed.. sounds like you might be interested. The thread will be up later but till then heres a few details - viewtopic.php?p=421262#p421262
  11. 1. glrnet 2. spursmaddave 3. Vik54 4. S14KW 5. LRFAN 6. Stew 7. DawnC / TT350z 8. Jenni 9. zmanalex 10. Wasso 11.M13KYF 12.Neo 13. Ricer Bloke from the U.S.A 14.CMCK13 15. NeilMH 16. SteveM 17. Buckley 18. Ruddles 19. Clarkie34 20. Daryl 21. RisingPower 22. 5tu 23. UNABASHED 24. Bartman 25. gort 26. introspect 27. richt 28. Jed 29. Bsled 30. St3ven1 31. Danny 350Z 32. Fodder 33. Demolition49 34. Waylander 35. Melville7 36. Lottee 37. fifegooner 38. Gregg0001 39. Neelom 40. BonnetGirl 41. MH05 42. Pimm 43. Zedhead 44. Buckley 45. Daze 46. loopy-chi 47. bigbramble 48. Marzman 49. Tim 50. jay3032 51. maz77 52. Craigb 53. Androo 54. jubei 55. IanS16
  12. Exactly what I'm doing. Golf Tdi 170 gets stupid MPG and is still a nice quick(ish) car.
  13. Think I'll put it up for sale as is tomorrow morning, if nothing happens within a month or two then I'll throw her out to the Vultures. Thanks for all the PMs people, I'll try and reply tomorrow, so far I'm up to about £75k in parts offers
  14. Explain why Val sold his for 20K then A dealer wont know or care but an enthusiast will Exactly. To say that mods add no value is incorrect. To the general masses maybe, but there will always be people after modified cars and will pay a little extra for them. It's when people add the full RRP of the mods ontop of the value of the car that distorts things.... I've already posted my opinion, you obviously didn't read it C'mon then Liam.. how much as is? I know its a what people are willing to pay but you've always been pretty good with valuations Sorry mate, I missed it in between bromancing with an old friend





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