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  1. I'll have this if still going but can't pick up till next week
  2. There has been five cars I know of at jlr that have been keyed first 350z I know of fell you pain hope it's not to bad
  3. I'll keep a look out down redditch ways not many Zeds miss my eyes
  4. About time you washed it more Ian
  5. Might be up for this I'll be in touch Ian
  6. Drive into his face and say it's ok it will polish out
  7. Shame Ian I have seen this bike in person and the pictures don't do the condition justice,would not look out off place in the show room
  8. You can try to keep it standard but good luck with that as being on here makes it so much harder not to get the modding bug
  9. Great work guys looks great
  10. Sad new Ian my thoughts go out to you mate
  11. Thought are with you and your family in these hard times Ian
  12. Happy birthday Ian have a good one



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