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  1. I've had this exact problem on mine. The cars only got 23000 miles, but I replaced pads and discs to find the judder still present. I then found slight play in one of the drop links so replaced them both. The judder has completely gone at all speeds and temps. As someone else said about their tie rod being culprit, it seems our cars may be susceptible to judder if suspension components are worn.
  2. That's the same as mine mate. I went to Nissan initially and they didn't even look at the car. They sent me straight to Grove autos who are their approved warranty repairers. They then took pictures of the issue and went direct to Nissan themselves. They then got back to me to confirm that they will do the work under warranty. Nissan dealers themselves have had nothing to do with it. If you're not in the south east, I'd suggest you ask your local Nissan dealer who their approved repairer is and go there. You must have full Nissan history, and not have had any repairs on the doors in the past. They measure the paint depth to see if it's been painted.
  3. Just recently I've noticed paint bubbling behind where the wing mirrors mount to the doors. It's probably been there ages but I've only just seen it. The main reason for my post is to let you guys know, that Nissan have agreed to repair it under the corrosion warranty. My car is an 09 plate so it's coming up to the end of the corrosion warranty and they still agreed it without quibble. I've searched the net and found several people with this problem, even on older 350s. The place I took mine to is Grove autos in Beckenham as they're an approved Nissan warranty repair place. Get checking those doors people. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this, and you'd be mad to miss out on a possible free repair.
  4. They replace the giant rear silencer. Simply unbolt rear silencer, and bolt these on in its place.
  5. Only been in the car 2 months. As new. Decided I wanted a cobra system instead. £150
  6. Nice mate, what exhaust is that?
  7. I do, previous owner was female though *runs*
  8. Was initially dubious with essentially grey on grey. Couldn't be happier with the end result though.
  9. Finally got my hands on her and couldn't be happier. Now, shopping for exhausts
  10. Ok, turns out UK cars don't have access to any comfort settings that us cars have. One feature being the windows.... Oh well.
  11. Just picked up my new toy.... Loving it and pictures to follow. But have a quick question first. The parking space for my car is quite tight, so I usually in previous cars have the window down to get out, then remote close it with the cars global closing capacity via the fob. But my zed won't play ball. The manual says it should work, I've reset the windows and they all function properly (auto down and drop when open door etc) but I still have no remote functionality. The manual does say something like "this feature won't work if you have window timer active" I have no idea what this is or anything about it in the manual.





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