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  1. I've got some addresses so will start sending these out later this week, if others want to send their addresses will also send out, remainder to pay is £49 to same paypal account please, no desperate rush but before end of January when credit card bill due 😬 cheers
  2. Hi all, sorry but it looks like I am not going to be able to get these painted, various reasons but mainly my son doesn't want to do them and I haven't got time, so am going to have to send out unpainted .. good news is they're a tenner cheaper (£60+£9 delivery) and you can now paint whatever colour you like now .. I'm going with some hammerite smooth red 😀
  3. Hi all well collected braces today, they look great or as well as a piece of metal under the car can look 🤣 Good news is they fit, I must have checked measurements 10 times but was still unsure until I got them back, and no long catches my exhaust Plan is to de-grease them and paint over holidays and then ship them in January to avoid Xmas post issues plus lets everyone get remaining cash together, unless anyone needs it urgent if so let me know. if you want to start sending your addresses I will prep the parcels, delivery will be £9 via Hermes next day Pictures of unpainted brace fitted (don't ask why they are upside down cos I don't know !!)
  4. Hi all appreciate the deposits, going to order these now (4-5 days lead time) but means I should get them mid-next week and be able to send out during Christmas week, will let you know when I get them from cutters
  5. Great read and build so far, you don't do things by half that's for sure and at least all that horrible cash from the 240 sale isn't burning too many holes 🤣
  6. Loads great in white 👍 .. 4th one says a lot for the brand
  7. Welcome new to 350s myself but bought one for similar reasons but bonding with my son who's getting in JDM and from what I read they make great projects, solid starting platform with loads of aftermarket support mods etc.
  8. Hi all so have confirmed the new design and price with the laser cutting company still all good, I'm actually up to 9 as have a couple of mates who want these who aren't on the forum 😮 I know I keep telling them they need to be on ! So I want to go ahead and order and I will bear the additional cost and hang onto the spare and advertise for sale separately as I'm sure someone will need one shortly So to progress can I ask for a deposit of £20 from everyone, I hope that's OK if you want to message me I will send you my PP details cheers
  9. Hi I bought a TarmacSportz W brace but it catches on my aftermarket custom 3" exhaust, talking to TS they say this is unusual and they have fitted loads to other cars with 3" systems, but I can't see how I can adjust my exhaust so I'm now looking to get a brace made. So if you're considering the TS brace why not buy this and save yourself a few quid. It is as new however does show signs of fitting i.e. paint rubbed off around bolts tried to show in pictures These are £150 inc delivery new, so I'm asking £135 inc delivery or if you prefer to collect from Sheffield area £120 Alternatively if you're worried about it not fitting as well take a look at my post re getting brace made non-OEM fabricated W brace - anyone interested need to order minimum of 10 for best price - Group Buys - 350Z & 370Z UK (350z-uk.com)
  10. Did think about it but seen people saying it wouldn't have the same stiffness plus material more expensive, I'm thinking the problem why the oem rots is down to the design being prone to collect and hold crap so I'm thinking a simpler flat bar design together with decent paint will see it last at least as long as oem one
  11. Just read your question again I'm pretty sure the aftermarket braces are designed as replacement for oem brace I've read quite a few posts and watched the videos on TS and they show them replacing Oem brace
  12. Hi yes your right I've checked the TS brace and it's 4.9mm so 5mm should be OK, I have updated original post but this only effects single price by a few quid, cheers will add you to list👍
  13. Hi harrison140 have added you to list in new post if thats OK .. up to 4 🤞 hopeful non-OEM fabricated W brace - anyone interested need to order minimum of 10 for best price - Group Buys - 350Z & 370Z UK (350z-uk.com)
  14. Cool motor, my son loves these and its his go to motor in CarX drift game, it started like yours but ended up a bit different looking but that's beauty of game loads of cash to do all the mods without the grief from missus 🤣
  15. Spoke with TS not much they can do as i expected, they did say they have fitted 100s of these including to those with after market 3" systems, so its something to do with my custom system which seems to have been custom made by Infinity exhausts. Still looking at having a brave made is feasible I have mocked up a prototype and fitted but not sure if still enough clearance, there's more clearance on OEM brace due to its depth and design, some reasons pictures seem to attached upside down😀
  16. Hi everyone following a post I made re my rotten W brace, I am looking at possibly fabricating a non-OEM alternative. Background is I purchased a TarmacSportz one but unfortunately it catches on my non-OEM exhaust which is 3inch diameter. I can probably return the TS brace and purchase an OEM brace but am considering having a brace fabricated for a couple of reasons, 1. OEM brace is expensive £200-ish 2. OEM brace seems prone to rot, whether that be the design being prone to collecting water etc. or materials used, or rust protection added or our climate or combination of all above So I have mocked up a design (see attached, dimensions are rough just for estimate purposes) that should fit my car main difference to TS brace being front edge moves back further approx. 30mm (to same position as OEM brace) to where exhaust curves up, and had a quote from a local laser cutting company, so a single brace made from 4mm S275 steel unfinished is £90+VAT plus delivery However price if ordering 10 drops to £50+VAT unfinished plus delivery, if you want finished I can paint (or my son can 🙂) for additional £10 using Black EM121 Epoxy Rust Proofing Paint from Rust Buster, so total finished inc VAT would be £70 plus delivery Lead times quoted are 3-4 days dependent upon material supply And delivery would be at buyers cost, or collection possible from Sheffield area Anyway before I go ahead I wanted to gauge if there is enough group interest to reach the 10 quantity, if there is I will do a bit more design work to consider other non-OEM exhausts to try and ensure brace would fit majority of after market exhausts (may need your help with this but if the OEM brace fits your car this design should), either way I will be ordering one as it seems simplest solution to getting a brace I know that fits that will be of similar performance and standard of non-OEM braces available 03/12 - Quick Update, brace will be 5mm same as TS one which has increased single price to £97+VAT but not effected 10 price, have added a couple of pictures of a prototype, I still think front edge needs to go further back maybe another 10mm, so will try a quick re-design Anyway if interested let me know and I will start a list off 03/12 - So far we have👍 Me 🙂 Andy_Muxlow Oggieteepo harrison140 06/12 Adding ballistic 07/12 adding zelda RavenDW 14/12 adding bluethermal Luigi350z Update 08/12 - Have mocked up a final prototype (one on left in picture) based upon my CAD model (that was fun learning CAD !), final design sees the front edge moving back 50mm from the TS brace position (shown in green in CAD image), the front edge is straight for about 16.5cms so should accommodate dual systems and gives me 12-13mm of clearance which I hope would be plenty, could go back a little further but I start to get close to my middle box, just going back to check quote with company, and as I'm getting close to numbers now so if you can check your system and let me know if this will fit your car, cheers
  17. Going to move this to group buy as think there may be enough interest, but am conscious that everyone's after market exhaust may have slightly different fitment so what fits mine may still catch someone else's .. but happy to investigate possible designs further if enough interest
  18. Quick update have been quoted £89 each if just having a single piece, but price drops to £50 each if ordering 10, this is in 4mm S275
  19. Hi it seems the W brace is a common topic and I have searched other threads already but thought I would ask anyway so here goes, the W brace on my car is shot very surprised it passed MOT ! Anyway I bought a brace from TarmacSportz but it is fouling on my aftermarket exhaust (I think it's bigger 3 inch), I tried making some spacers to fit between the front fittings which lifted the brace away by a few mms but not enough and exhaust still knocks against brace, I see no way of adjusting the exhaust and don't want to add more spacers, so need to do something with brace, my options I think are, 1. Adjust the tarmacsports brace to fit by cutting/grinding away the front edge until no longer catches, problem I have with this I don't really like idea of grinding away a structural brace although I doubt taking a few mms off would make a difference, but not sure how much I would have to take off, plus if this doesn't work I doubt I could sell on the new modified TS brace 😞 2. Do away with TS brace although, which I could probably sell as never used, and fit OEM W brace, I don't know if the non-OEM braces actually improve on the OEM brace in terms of life or performance 3. Lastly get a new brace fabricated based upon TS design but altered to accommodate larger exhausts, maybe make cross member curved a bit like OEM W brace, or just move cross member back a bit, Im guessing TS brace is regular mild steel looks about 4mm thick so material should be easy to source, and then take CAD model to laser cutting service, I think material about £100 no idea how much to cut, probably expensive for single brace, but thinking if anyone else interested costs would reduce if say could make 4 or 5 out of same sheet of steel Have attached a few pictures of ideas, Im not a engineer so cant say if these would affect performance etc, end of day I'm not driving car on edge every day so just need something no worse than OEM that hopefully lasts a few years
  20. hi know its a while ago but did you sort this ? I'm having exactly same issue and am thinking of making some spacers to fit between the tarmac sportz w brace, think it only needs a few mms
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