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  1. Haha, a few of my friends are petrol heads and trust me the stick I got when I bought the Range Rover was non stop for a few weeks 😂
  2. Hi Guys, Owned a few Jap cars over the years Evo VI, S15, R35 GTR but somehow missed the 350Z from my collection. I went through the jap phase in my 25-30'S, as I turned 30 my work balance too over a little with more commuting, more meetings etc. so I moved away from the jap scene. I've been driving a Range Rover Sport SDV8 for the past year and love it, great all around car, comfort, luxury and all the bells and whistles I could wish for great for those commutes, even fun on the country roads but missing the soul of the rising sun that Jap cars gave me. The 350Z I think will fill that role, I want something for track/drift days, occasional run out at the weekend etc. but ultimately it will be more of a project car. More importantly my old man is approaching his 60's and we've bonded more recently than ever before. We always had a joint fondness over my Jap cars and I'd like to re-introduce that. He's a mechanic so all modifications, work, servicing etc. it gives us a chance to do that together as well as track/drift days together. Look forward to learning more about the 350Z, purchasing one and the learning process which comes with it. Happy to be nearing my re-introduction within the jap car community.
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