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  1. Hi as I was taking off the rear subframe to treat rust thought I would do the subframe and diff bushes, yes it was a pain to do but by the time I'd cut out a couple of the bushes sort of got hang of it, and the last ones took about 30 mins each, anyway before I stick it all back together was hoping someone could just check they look fitted correctly, instructions were simple to follow but I think I saw some posts about instructions being wrong and people having to refit them, and I don't fancy dropping subframe again for a long while 😬 Still seem to not be able to load my pictures right !!
  2. Thanks Alex do I need the full bucket or can I just get bushings, although I guess the bucket is as cheap as 2 new bushes ? how much is the bucket
  3. Hi have ordered the AC-delco bolts that give extra toe adjustment, and have been trying to remove the old toe bolts.. so far every one (also removing camber arm bolts as fitting lock out kit) has sheared off but wasn't so bad as they just then pushed out, however one bolt has sheared the nut off but still wont push out, I have tried using a punch and hammer to hammer out the bolt but what seems to happen is the subframe mounting starts to bend out !! Any ideas, I'm thinking options are drill out the bolt (not great), cut the bushing but then would have to replace the bushings. All I can think is that it has rusted to the inner bush as theres nothing for it to catch on 😞
  4. hi mate did you get anywhere with this ? I have fitted new adjustable camber arms and in process sheared the toe bolts, being adjustable arms I don't need to refit toe bolts but the lock out kits seem expensive for 2 nuts and bolts and some fancy washers ! Seems pretty straight forward to make some aluminium lock out washers and then just buy some engineering rated nuts and bolts
  5. Thanks gone Kinetix for now just because of cost plus no plans for serious track use for now, hope to fit true coilovers later this year and again will be on a budget so looking at YSR or possibly HSD or cheaper BC
  6. Hi having dropped my subframe to treat rust under car thought I would strip down the rear camber and traction arms and clean up and paint, now they're off they seem pretty shot with them having quite a lot of play in them and just generally rusted and knackered .. so looking to replace, was also hoping to replace the lowering springs and fit coilovers so new arms is eating to my budget ☹️ .. so looking for mid-range budget arms have seen Kinetix Racing arms on Torqen (full kit front and back for £490) which look reasonable or theres driftworks on TS for a bit more, can't afford GKTech or similar if I still want to get coilovers Anyone used Kinetix Racing ?
  7. cant see why my pictures load upside down 🤔
  8. Well got subframe dropped this weekend, gave it a bit of a pressure wash and then started taking off the ARB and suspension arms as want to clean up and repaint as all pretty corroded, underside of car again quite a bit of surface rust but once treated and undersealed should mean it lasting as long as I keep car, brake dust shields are pretty bad though so thinking to either cut them off or replace, although now off car could be difficult to get the hub nuts off so just cut them off. The subframe and diff bushes dont look too bad but think its worth replacing now, cars at 90k
  9. Did have but sold it on FB group, you can get individual ones made up but cost by the time you add on delivery and your cost to paint isn't going to be far off the TS price maybe £30-40 cheaper
  10. Hi all that's it all braces have gone out a week or so now ..anyone fitted yet ?? looking forward to seeing the pictures and what colours you've gone for 😎
  11. Nuts cracked today and loosened 👍 .. impact did the job, so time to order bushes subframe and diff and then tackle in March before japfest .. yep so leaves time for mirrors 😉
  12. bolts looking a lot better for cleaning with wire brush and already started putting on pen fluid and will do every day until my impact sockets turn up in about a week hope that should be enough 🤞
  13. by way did you use a breaker bar or impact wrench, is one safer then other to use ?
  14. Oops just realised I have already removed the from 2 19mm subframe nuts when I took off the kidney braces .. at least they came off with no drama but that was to be expected as kidney braces are as new having been replaced just before I got car, have started clean up of the rear nuts, wire brushed to remove as much rust as I can and the lots of penetrating fluid which will continue to do until weekend when I will try to break loose
  15. Thanks both seen both of these videos and Im quite happy with process and it doesn't look too bad, sounds as if working on the slope just makes refitting more difficult to get on rather than possible misalignment of the subframe .. suppose first test will be removing pin stay and seeing how hard it is to remove the subframe nuts they are very rusted up
  16. 1. andy james Paid 2. Zelda Paid (11:20 track) 3. George 1966 Paid 4. Andy_Muxlow Paid 5. Buster- paid 6. nismoandy -paid 7. SamTripp52 8. DAZ8235 - Paid 9. JonLonghorne99 - Paid 10. SuiSid - Paid 11. LAB99 - Paid 12. Millicano - Paid 13.Sebastian PAID (Track 10:20, 12:20, 14:20) 14. SHEZZA - Paid 15. MicktZZZ - Paid (just once on track at 12:20) First Z and first show looking forward to it .. fingers crossed to the weather gods 🤞
  17. I am treating various bits of rust at the rear end of my Z, I want to remove the pin stay that I believe is held on by 2 of the rear sub frame nuts, so I'm thinking if I'm removing these 2 nuts why do not do a proper job and take off or just lower the full rear subframe enough to treat the rust around it, have watched a number of videos and read a few posts and it doesn't seem a too scary job, and it helps that my car is not a daily so I can take my time. One of my worries though is my drive is not totally flat it slopes a bit front to back and left to right, I can jack and support car safely enough but just read somewhere refitting the subframe should be done on a flat with car level to ensure subframe aligns properly ?? Apart from this any reason I shouldn't try this Cheers
  18. Hi Im new into a Z, and somehow stumbled onto this thread think I was reading about camber arms .. anyhow have just spent my lunch reading from about page 16 🤣 must say your car looks mint and your dedication certainly shows, this will be my go to thread when it comes to finding how best to clean and detail my car 👍 ps wheels look sweet both AM and OEM
  19. Hi thanks to those that have paid already, the braces are all wrapped ready to go, I was waiting till the bank holidays all got done before trusting Hermes as it is I will be sending out 2 or 3 a day this week to save giving the Hermes driver a heart attack 🤣, could you send me your email addresses and mobile number for the Hermes tracking cheers
  20. Hi yeah 6xM8 (std pitch) 30mm long I've ordered some from Westfields (Flange Bolt Hex Head (Unserrated) M8 x 30mm in A2 Stainless) and then 4xM10 (std pitch) 35mm long
  21. I've got some addresses so will start sending these out later this week, if others want to send their addresses will also send out, remainder to pay is £49 to same paypal account please, no desperate rush but before end of January when credit card bill due 😬 cheers
  22. Hi all, sorry but it looks like I am not going to be able to get these painted, various reasons but mainly my son doesn't want to do them and I haven't got time, so am going to have to send out unpainted .. good news is they're a tenner cheaper (£60+£9 delivery) and you can now paint whatever colour you like now .. I'm going with some hammerite smooth red 😀
  23. Hi all well collected braces today, they look great or as well as a piece of metal under the car can look 🤣 Good news is they fit, I must have checked measurements 10 times but was still unsure until I got them back, and no long catches my exhaust Plan is to de-grease them and paint over holidays and then ship them in January to avoid Xmas post issues plus lets everyone get remaining cash together, unless anyone needs it urgent if so let me know. if you want to start sending your addresses I will prep the parcels, delivery will be £9 via Hermes next day Pictures of unpainted brace fitted (don't ask why they are upside down cos I don't know !!)
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