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  1. Bump! Don't forget to register your attendance on our Facebook event page
  2. Hello! You're correct regarding the Akebono part, it's referencing they fit those calipers. Hawk ceramics produce less dust, they also offer a range for track use, however that will be overkill for what you're needing. We usually recommend Stoptech Sport or Hawk Ceramics for fast road/daily use. Feel free to drop me a message if you have anymore questions.
  3. Is this one of the ones you're after? https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/engine/gaskets-seals/1013-350z-hr-z33-370z-z34-nissan-oem-intake-to-head-gasket-08.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/engine/gaskets-seals/12287-350z-hr-z33-370z-z34-nissan-oem-upper-to-lower-intake-manifold-gasket.html
  4. Facebook group created to gauge a rough idea on numbers, if you're coming please let us know on there. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/events/8038062159557028
  5. Hey Guys, Happy to finally announce our 2024 summer meet that we host annually at TORQEN. Date: 21st July 2024 Time: Starting from 12pm Location: TORQEN, Unit 3 Quarry Court, Pitstone - LU7 9GW Japanese cars only in the main area, if you want to pop down in the daily or have friends with other cars that are coming, that's fine - they'll just be parked on the main road or in another courtyard. No tickets required, just turn up on the day. We'll organise food and music so it'll be a great day out for the family. Static meet so no silly drifting or racing involved, we're in a small village!
  6. If you're running standard power with no forced induction and you're not a drifter or on track every weekend, the simple answer is no, it would be a waste of money.
  7. All 350z Y Pipes are the same, no matter if it's a GT4 or not, it will fit providing it's made for a 350. What I always say is buy cheap, buy twice. If you buy a Y Pipe from eBay, chances are the flexi's will go again on it in the near future and you'll end up having to pay again for fitment costs which could be avoided by buying a quality product in the first place. If it was me changing it, I'd go for something without flexi's at all, that's the most common failure point on the Y-Pipes. Something like STILLEN or the V2 TORQEN Y Pipe. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/y-pipes/56-350z-z33-stillen-stainless-steel-y-pipe-vq35de-infiniti-g35-rwd.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/y-pipes/246042-350z-z33-370z-z34-torqen-modular-y-pipe-v2.html
  8. Speak to Dan Skippy Thomas on Facebook, he's the expert when it comes to customising 350z/370z headlights, done tons for our customers and also customises the DEPO's which we sell. I'm sure he can point you in the right direction.
  9. If they're made in the USA, I'll eat my own shoes right now on live stream In all seriousness, I would go for something more reputable, the likes of Invidia, TOMEI, GReddy etc. As they say, buy cheap, you end up buying twice and if you have any warranty issues shipping back to the states is going to be a killer.
  10. Hi Geoffrey, Welcome to the forum! You'll probably struggle to find a used kit on here, unless you get super lucky, as soon as one comes up for sale they get snapped up very quickly. If you are interested in a brand new kit, we have these options: TopGun - Rotrex kit: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/turbos-superchargers/superchargers/72373-370z-z34-topgun-rotrex-c38r-supercharger-kit.html Z1 Motorsports kit: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/turbos-superchargers/superchargers/236366-370z-z34-z1-motorsport-complete-supercharger-kit.html Feel free to drop me a message if you had any questions.
  11. The easiest way would be to take the engine out, have that shipped here, replace it with a standard engine and sell it in Spain. Once you're here, find an equivalent rust free example and put the engine in. With the amount of money and time you're going to spend on converting it, you may as well get a new one here and use the funds to upgrade that rather than a conversion.
  12. Hi Guys, Haven't really posted much about it but you're all going to hate me, I managed to snap up Ed's old HKS supercharged 350z a few weeks back at the steal of a price it was. Absolute pleasure to drive, got a few bits planned to get it perfect over the next few months and the Nurburgring booked in July so we'll see if it makes it there and back in one piece. Mod List: HKS GT 7040 Supercharger UpRev GT MAF CJM Stage 0 Fuel return system AEM 320lph fuel pump Greddy high capacity oil pan R35 GTR 550cc injectors Mishimoto thermostatic oil cooler Prosport Gauges for boost, oil temp and Glo Shift dual display wideband AFR Custom OEM flocked triple gauge A pillar NGK Step colder spark plugs Forge BOV TORQEN Decats TORQEN Aluminium under tray TORQEN Braided brake line hoses Nismo 370z Akebono big brake kit (front and rear) - with TORQEN Akebono Adapters CZP Brake mountina conversion kit Hdev Plenum Spacer Stillen Y Pipe Mocal Oil catch tank Willwood Clutch Master Cylinder Mishimoto aluminium radiator Mishimoto cooling fan shroud HSD Mono Pro Coilovers Fuiitsubo Legalis R Exhaust White line Sway Bar Endlinks SPC rear camber arms Exedy Clutch 350z Roadster tan & mesh Ventilated Seats Sony XAV 1000 + Android head unit Carbon dipped interior and centre console Carbon dipped G35 engine cover Flat top and bottom leather + alcantara re trimmed OEM steering wheel D1 Spec throttle controller Tegiwa fire extinquisher under seat mount Nismo low temp Thermostat Nismo 380RS gas pedal Nismo 380RS kick plates Nismo gauge cluster Nismo LMGT4 19" alloys Nismo blue door mirrors Nismo floor mats Nismo carbon gear shifter UpRev Tuned by Horsham Developments: 426.6bhp
  13. Me and @Adrian@TORQEN will be at the Bowl for this if anyone down south is going 🤝 The Hill is a bit of a trek for us unfortunately.
  14. What are you looking to have done? If it's just odd jobs, any mechanic would be able to work on it, they're pretty simple. For anything more complex, you can check out: https://www.torqen.uk/content/11-recommended-garages Horsham Developments for anything mapping wise.
  15. To be honest, that's a huge long shot, especially in your colour code (bearing in mind it won't match anyway) and near London. We have the V2 style bumpers listed with the carbon fiber lip (we can get it without as well if you prefer): https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/body-kits/77285-350z-torqen-nsm-style-v2-front-bumper-with-carbon-lip.html If you ever do decide to go for a brand new one, do feel free to drop me a message.
  16. Hi Guys, Little forum exclusive discount, we have a ARC Brazing combo tank in stock for the 370z, happy to offer you guys 10% off in anyone is interested. If you know about ARC, their parts are very rare and desirable. Discount code: UKFORUM10 https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/cooling/tanks/18932-370z-arc-brazing-coolant-and-oil-catch-can-combo-tank.html
  17. Not sure on the brand, it was on the car when I bought it, I'd assume it's the Tarmac one. Looks to be just some 3M tape.
  18. Hey Guys, Removing this roof spoiler from my personal car. Looking for £80 delivered to anywhere in the UK.
  19. Personally, I wouldn't care too much about the number of owners, it's a sports car and most change hands pretty fast (people not affording to run them, get bored and other factors). My main concern would be how well it's been looked after, just make sure it's got good service history, check for rust. A 3 year gap is a bit much in my opinion, even if the cars been sat there and not driven, I would be looking for something that's been serviced yearly at minimum, more if it's actually driven. Whatever you do, do not pay £11495 for a 350z DE, especially a roadster which tend to be slightly cheaper unless it's supercharged or turbo'd which is a different story. In my opinion £5,000-£8,000 is a good price range to get a decent 350z DE. It's a buyers market at the moment so you might grab yourself a bargain as I suspect not many are selling.
  20. Buy cheap, buy twice in our experience. DW, Injector Dynamics or ASNU are what we usually recommend, all are fairly similarly priced.
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