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  1. We find these pass MOT, sold hundreds and only had one or two issues with MOT failures, if you want to be 100% certain you can grab some LHD lights and ask Dan Skippy Thomas on Facebook to convert them to RHD for you. Currently we're out of stock on DEPO's and they'll be a while as we order them in batches of 30+ sets. We can get Spyder or something similar if you need headlights sooner, do feel free to PM me.
  2. We're actually in the process of starting a 5% summer sale on all TORQEN branded products, you're welcome to order them with this discount code: TORQENFRENZY
  3. Hi Guys, We're building our SMS text messaging database to notify you of any new deals, discounts and promotions we have on. We've got something brewing for the first bunch of subscribers, if you'd like to join it, please enter your phone number here: https://mailchi.mp/torqen/sms-signup
  4. Depends what you're after but we might be able to sort something, shop floor won't be open like normal as we have too many of our own Z's here currently.
  5. Rub the drivers side headlight until you see smoke appearing and ZManAlex the genie appears In all seriousness, just click on his profile here and should give you the option to message him: @ZMANALEX Or, I'm sure when he sees this, he'll PM you himself.
  6. Got two Sunday tickets for FOS if anyone wants them, £90 each.
  7. Hi Guys, Unfortunately I hit a deer 5 minutes from my house on the way to the Nurburgring (big ****er as well), front bumper, bonnet, LH wing, LH HR Headlight and roof (bonnet opened and smashed into the roof) are badly damaged and not willing to pump more money into the car as all I've had is bad luck with it. Absolutely gutted as I had to ride passenger for the whole trip. Therefore, I am breaking it, all parts available bar what I've said above. I will post up a proper list once I've put it all together but in the meantime if you're after any small bits, drop me a PM and I can get some prices over to you, I work at TORQEN as most of you know so shipping is no issue whether it be UK or international. Wheels will be the last to go as I still need to be able to move the car around for the time being, happy to take a deposit on them if you want to secure them. LMGT4 Wheels with Pilot Sport 4s (Silver) - £2400 - Could probably do with a refurb as they're quite old and have some corrosion HKS Supercharger Package (Blower, Intercooler, CJM Fuel return system with pump, GTR injectors, oil cooler etc) - £5000 NSM V3 Rear Bumper painted in Black - £450 (some chips in the fiberglass, easily repairable) NSM V3 Style Spoiler painted in Black - £450 NSM V3 Style Skirts painted in Black - £250 D1 Throttle Controller - £50 Fujitsubo Backbox - £400 Tan 350z Convertible Seats - £300 Transmission (inc uprated C&F) - £600 370z Brakes with Akebono adapters to fit 350z, fresh front pads - £1500 Flat Bottom Suede OE Steering wheel - £250 NISMO Blue Mirrors - £150 Sequential rear indicators Clear - £80 NISMO Gear Knob - £100 350z HR Tail Lights, slight chips on the corners but no misting or issues - £275 Oil Catch Can Setup - £50 M2 MotorSport Front Strut Brace - £80 Drivers Side 350z HR Headlight (some slight tint on it) - £250 NISMO Genuine Fuel Filler Cap - £80 NISMO Genuine Oil Filler Cap (V2 Ratchet Type) - £80 350z Metal Pedal Covers (Clutch, brake and accelerator all included) - £60 350z DE Horsham Dev Plenum Spacer - £60 Practically Brand New 350z DENSO coil packs, fitted less than 200 miles ago - £250 I haven't listed any of the OEM parts here but anything and everything is available (providing the car can still move without it), window regulators, wing, sensors, crash bars etc etc. More parts will be added as I've probably forgotten stuff. Please note, this is not anything to do with TORQEN, it's my personal vehicle.
  8. Hi Guys, As a lot of people tend to buy these high flow cats as replacements for the OEM ones once they're no longer working, we made the decision to increase the cell count from 200 to 300 cells. This will give you guys a better chance at passing MOT whilst still increasing performance from the 600 cell Nissan OEM cats. The extra cell count will also reduce gases a little, making it less likely to throw an EML light, although as with any of these aftermarket pipes - it's never a guarantee. Included: -Pair of 300 cell high flow cats -Gasket and fittings kit -Extended bungs for the O2 sensors -Extra holes for additional sensors, with blocks included if you don't want to run them -2 Years Warranty for rust or defects 350z DE Version: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/high-flow-cats/262726-350z-de-z33-torqen-high-flow-cats-hfc-v3-300cell.html 350z HR / 370z Version: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/high-flow-cats/262728-350z-hr-z33-370z-z34-torqen-high-flow-cats-hfc-v3-300cell.html We have a batch arriving at the start of August, we'll be offering 5% discount for any pre-orders! Discount Code: HFCV3PRE
  9. If it's this you're referring to: Never seen anything that high in that style for the 350z, closest you're going to get style wise is the AMS wing: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/exterior/70143-2003-2008-nissan-350z-z33-2dr-coupe-duraflex-am-s-wing-trunk-lid-spoiler-1-piece.html We have a few coming by sea in August. Looking at the size of the 86 wing, that would probably go over the roof of the 350z and look out of place.
  10. https://www.torqen.uk/content/11-recommended-garages
  11. Just to clear it up, it’s a regular pilot sport 5, at least from what I gather 😭
  12. Just fitted MPS5 on the front and MPS4S on the rear before my trip to the ring and Munich at the start of July. Night and day difference to the Falkens fitted by the previous owner which was expected, considering the price difference.
  13. Noooo, don't do it Ed 🥲 Can personally vouch for this car, serious ££££ spent on it, all quality parts - giving it the TORQEN seal of approval. Would be a great buy for someone looking for a 370z and it's well priced, GLWTS.
  14. We can try asking in Japan or USA if you're after a replacement buckle, sometimes UK and Europe discontinued part number but they're still available there.
  15. Coz@TORQEN

    New Brake setup

    Hi Jay, Stoptech, DBA or TORQEN for the discs will be absolutely fine for what you're using them for, they're all good for fast road use and daily driving. TORQEN Front: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/brakes/discs/246122-350z-z33-torqen-anchorz-street-high-performance-brake-discs-front.html TORQEN Rear: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/brakes/discs/246123-350z-z33-torqen-anchorz-street-high-performance-brake-discs-rear.html Front DBA: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/brakes/discs/246123-350z-z33-torqen-anchorz-street-high-performance-brake-discs-rear.html Rear DBA: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/brakes/discs/476-350z-dba-4000-t3-series-slotted-rotor-set-rear-brembo.html Front Stoptech: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/brakes/discs/495-350z-stoptech-discs-for-brembo-brakes-front-pair-slotted.html Rear Stoptech: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/brakes/discs/509-350z-stoptech-discs-for-brembo-brakes-rear-pair-slotted.html (The Stoptech are also available in Slotted and Drilled as well as solely drilled). Pads, Ferodo's you mentioned are good, if you wanted some other suggestions - Stoptech and Hawk pads are also worth looking into, all three brands have great reviews. If brake dust is an issue, go for the Hawks. Also worth keeping in mind the Ferodo can be slightly squeaky at times and can have a fair amount of brake dust if that's going to be an issue for you As always, do feel free to message me if you need anymore help.
  16. Probably easier to change to seat bracket to an extra low one rather than the steering wheel. I'm quite small though so no idea what any of that's like, you can lend me a few inches if you want (not down there... we're all good)
  17. Matching with my ones on my supercharged 350z
  18. Had these gloss black LMGT4's turn up on Monday, thought I'd drop this wheel p**n here, worth the 18 month wait? Going to a customer in Belgium Let's see your wheels down below.
  19. BC's or TEIN are more than enough for what you're going to be using them for, we've sold many sets of both with not one returned, people using them for drifting and track days. Not sure who you spoke to but I can guarantee you either of those are sufficient. They both have UK HQ's where spare parts are well stocked. If you really want to go all out, KW or Bilstein are the creme de la creme.
  20. TORQEN, Fly1 - We've sold many more as we only released our own version fairly recently.
  21. We've sold over 10 sets of these now, as well as having a set from our TORQEN range fitted to our demo car, we haven't had one complaint. Fitment is good.
  22. They'll be custom by the looks of things. Give Dan Skippy Thomas a shout on Facebook, he's the man when it comes to headlight customs for 350 and 370z.
  23. https://www.torqen.uk/content/11-recommended-garages
  24. Hello, We can help with this, you can drop us a WhatsApp message on: +4475 9913 9999 We'll ask for some pricing and lead times and revert back to you.
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