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  1. I’m loving this model. What do you think the added cost would be after purchasing the car, to get it to the UK?
  2. I just don’t get why it isn’t £18-20k of car and only 16?
  3. Hi All, I saw this White Nismo on Autotrader - Category N with 20k miles. Does this look dodgy or not? Or fair price with the extras/Cat N issue? Hoping the owner would be on here. Cheers Ed
  4. I’ve been selling my 370z for 2 months on EBay and Autotrader. I’ve just had tyre kickers.
  5. So today I had the Catalytic Converters put back on with the Cobra Cat-Back Exhaust. The car sounds so much better now without the Cobra Decats. The car still has the Stillen Gen 3 CAI, with the UpRev etc but the car sounds like I want it to, beefy but not too loud. Thank god! Decats are horrendous! Never again
  6. I have a Cobra Cat Back Exhaust Cobra Decats Stillen Gen 3 CAI UpRev with 3 maps 347hp at the Fly on the Dyno at Horsham Developments. 2009 370z The above changed the car completely with the power delivery and made it a lot more fun to drive. I think that’s pretty much all you can do without adding a SC or Turbo.
  7. I had a Stillen Gen 3 CAI. Cost me £700 all in fitted but I think it all helps with the gains etc
  8. Thanks dude. I’ve PM’ed him. PERFECT timing!
  9. Sent you a PM. i will take those please!
  10. Hi Jack thanks for the reply. which brand would you recommend for HFCs? Ignoring cost and also, would they make the car significantly quieter? thanks
  11. Hi All So no one is buying my car so that means I just need to spend more money on it lol So my options and I don’t know the answers really for any of them. 1. standard cats back in, so I will have to buy some more. 2. Japspeed HFCs have been recommended to me but will HFCs still make it too loud? 3. most expensive - sell the cobra system and buy Invidia system.
  12. I can’t seem to find any prices of these online? Do you know roughly, on the off chance?
  13. Howdy So my 370z has a full Cobra Cat-Back exhaust with Cobra Decats. From 4k revs, it sounds so crap. Just noise and not even a nice noise at that. Really tinny.... Redlining, it sounds nice enough but I hardly do that. If i sell the Decats, what can I replace them with, that quietens the car down to a sensible level? Thanks in advance.
  14. So I got the car back a few days ago and I am happy that all is back to normal. I have 09 370z GT with 45k miles on the clock. It was at Horsham for a month and had a P3 service, spark plugs changed, diff and gearbox oil changed. Also front brake discs and pads as well as a few other bits done. It had fitted/installed the following parts: Cobra Cat Back Exhaust Cobra Decats Stillen Gen 3 Cold Air Intake UpRev The UpRev has made a world of difference to how the car behaves and ironically, it was the cheapest upgrade. Much stronger pull and earlier in the Rev range. 347hp at the Fly. See image. Just wanted to say thanks to @Jez @ H-Dev and especially the mechanic Craig, top team. The noise is sadly too loud for me and I will be selling it shortly because of this, it was always the plan anyways. I spent too much on it anyway but sod it, you only live once. Here’s the car with all fitted and the Pops and Bangs which is hilariously offensive, but won’t be used again, as I am over the age of 12 lol Will be using Horsham for my other cars, for sure.
  15. Not really. Scammers make millions with various projects. NCP car parks send out letters threatening people to take to court over unpaid fines, even though they have no legal obligation to pay their fines. People pay them through fear but mainly stupidity. Point is, justify your profit. We can agree to disagree. It’s all good.
  16. Lol....... Absolutely ridiculous sound lol...... This will be for sale within 4-8 weeks. UpRev wise - the car is totally different and just wants to go. 4th gear from 4K to redline, it pulls so much harder. I’m a torque guy rather than redline every gear so with 3 maps, the car is totally transformed. Horsham Developments did a great job.
  17. I totally understand your point and the business model but you’re trying to justify a person buying a car from forum members, not touching it at all mechanically and then adding 30% value to it, selling it back to forum members.....
  18. I justify my business by having a niche skill set that corporations and wealthy families require. So I invoice them on that basis or I give them someone who also has a similar background with a margin. So I’ve gone out and spent years mastering my skills and experience. So with a car, how does he justify £2,500 uplift without doing ANYTHING to it? Otherwise I could buy the car, build a website, targeted SEO marketing, invest capital to buy cars and do exactly the same.....but I’m still not justifying the extra cost to the car? Its a seedy industry and thats why people take the Mick out of it.....
  19. So it made 347 bhp at the fly after the UpRev and is a strong engine apparently. Noise wise - Oh Boy.....
  20. Totally get that as I run a business but how does he justify uplift?
  21. He also buys members cars and then adds £2,000-£3000 to the price tag. To me, that is not justifiable....
  22. We have to remember that the 350z attracts a lot of idiots now due to how cheap they are. To be honest, I saw a 350z driver revving his car constantly and I thought, what a space cadet..... if anything is cheap, idiots will but it. Just like people that buy Chinese pit bikes, anti social idiots, 90%. You don’t get many idiots driving Aston Martins for example, some but not many in comparison.....
  23. I’m now worried, from reading reports, that with my mods, it will be pretty loud....oops. Not my style.
  24. I’m now worried my new system will be too loud? i have just got a Cobra Cat Back Exhaust Decats, Stillen Gen 3 CAI with an UpRev.
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