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  1. Well, I may of jumped the gun abit... viewed one yesterday, absolutely spotless full service history immaculate paint bar 2 marks and short tail pipes. After a day faffing of around, I was off to see family in Devon with it. I took the motorway on the way down and it was so smooth my 350z didn’t come anywhere near this. I came home today on all the back roads, from single tracks to normal A roads. The car was great wherever it was taken! One thing I need to get used to is how slow it seems to feel when cruising, driving at 60mph feels like 30mph compared to my previous S3. I’d like to try and
  2. Thanks! Is there anything to look out for prior to buying? Viewing one this saturday, 2010 40k miles on the clock.
  3. Morning all! I am looking at heading back to the Zed scene after a couple of years with an S3. I had a 350 previously and have missed it since. Is there any evidence to prove what intakes/ exhausts get the most out of the 370? On my 350 I had berk test pipes HKS panel filter and a plenum spacer the car felt great after the map. All input is welcome
  4. Did you go for the zed? I got an S3 after a 350z. Same engine as the tts, they are good fun but very different cars to drive hard to compare being turbo vs N/A. Stage 2+ could see you with up to 385bhp, big gain to be had but will cost around £3k to reach! I miss the zed just for the feel, very tempted by going back for a 370 great looking car!
  5. How did it go? It went well, car is so much nicer and smoother to drive! Already had the mods on the car so went from 275bhp up to 287bhp on a 2006 DE. Looks as though that's about normal from what I've read. It was quite a warm day so this may have had an effect and i hear the dyno dynamics is a little more reserved than others? I think most of us will always want that extra few BHP no matter what the result though. May be a bit early to say but reset the MPG on the drive home up to bedford and it average 31.3mpg! very surprised with that as i was enjoying the car in its
  6. great looking 370z! Good luck!
  7. good results! I'm heading down tomorrow morning for the uprev on my DE with berk decats, motordyne plenum, flyboys velocity stack, stillen y pipe and hks panel. Fingers crossed!
  8. Quite a popular exhaust by the looks of it all! I don't want to swap out the stillen y pop so mainly just looking for centre pipe and box. Big fan of the titanium tips!
  9. how does it sounds with the gemini? cat back kit i assume?
  10. Looks good! Anyone have any ideas about how hard is it to get hold of a replacement pipe to cover the size difference? defo interested, more info the better
  11. Right guys, I've got berk De cats and a Stillen y pipe, my back box and pipes are starting to look horrendous basically I would ideally like to keep the car as quiet as poss ( I know it makes no sense with what I've done) Looking at: Milltek center pipe and box? Or The Megan racing center pipe and box that's on Torqens site? any one have any experience with these? Like the look of the Megan racing More opinions the better
  12. would you sell them seperately? May be interested in the backbox
  13. Does anyone know of any deals for the stillen y pipe? Going to get one over this weekend or next week just a chance if there are any discount codes or anything about. The count down to the uprev is on once purchased
  14. How did this set up sound, im looking into the same set up now. Just debating going for scorpion or cobra any major difference in quality or noise? any idea how much quieter the resonated y pipe back systems are?
  15. Anyone had experience with' Megan racing' y pipe back system?
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