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  1. No need. I just found this perfect post:
  2. Hi, Is anyone able to share a technical diagram showing the underneath of a 350z? I'm interested to see control arms, upper and lower, sub frame etc. as I'm thinking about refreshing the lot, including polybushes all round. This would help me compile a shopping list. Thanks
  3. If he doesn't have them in black you can get them painted. When I had my wheels refurbed in shadow chrome I had them matched at the same time and they came out perfect.
  4. Yeah, it was quite annoying with my for sale thread not to be able to update the original post.
  5. I bought a Vonhaus DA polisher 4 years ago and it's been great for my needs. Best part about it is probably the cable length, which IIRC is about 5m.
  6. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing the pics. Another GT6 owner as well!
  7. Tonneau sold. Flywheel sold.
  8. Hi, I have a few parts for sale that I've collected over the last few years of my zed ownership and will probably never get round to doing anything with. Large bore CZP 75mm Throttle body for 350z DE - £320 Originally bought from Torqen it's still brand new in box, never fitted. Includes electrical adapter and all fittings, o-rings etc. allowing it to be bolted to the stock upper plenum providing a practically OEM fitment. Clears the bonnet even with a plenum spacer. According to Torqen's product page it has compatibility with some of the Kinetix plenums as well. Lightweight Flywheel (Tarmac Sportz) for 350z DE - Sold Had this fitted to my car along with an uprated clutch for something like 4k miles but ended up swapping the whole lot for a new OEM setup after my clutch gave me some headaches. The surface is true and has a very smooth finish still. According to Tarmac's product page it weighs 8kg. Cobra resonated exhaust for 350z DE - £140 Bought this secondhand a few years back when I first got my car but I wanted something closer sounding to OEM so I got a Milltek system instead so it never made it onto my Z. It's not perfect, consider it a budget thing to tie you over. I had some welding done on one of the exhaust branches that exit the back box. The flanges on the mid-pipe need cleaning up or replacing if you want it to be perfect, but at this price point I guess the former if you want something to sound a bit louder on a budget. You could polish this up and it'd look alright. There are no gaskets or bolts supplied. OEM Vertical Tonneau Cover - sold Picked this up a few years back but never fitted it and been in the loft ever since. Comes with what looks like are the original fittings as well as the Nissan parts list and installation instructions. Some light surface marks from storage but otherwise good condition. Postage not included for any item. Collection preferred from South Woodham Ferrers, Essex or I'm happy for the buyer to arrange their own courier. I can work with you to let you know the dimensions/weight etc. but you'll need to give me some time to package the items up.
  9. +1 to following the manual exactly for bleeding.
  10. I have an RJM pedal on my DE. Have no issues bleeding and always felt it was better than OEM in terms of biting point. Think it might be best to bust out the manual for it and do the adjustments yourself. It's uncomfortable but fairly simple to do yourself.
  11. It'll be coming from Norwich about 100 miles to me. I've now got the number for someone that a friend has used. Friend's guesstimate was about £150.
  12. Yeah, I'm cautious just because it will be a private sale. Ha ha, I did think about following it back myself. It's a couple of hours away though so would be a bit of hassle for me. I think I'll have to probably book my own transportation. I just don't know any companies so will have to get on Google.
  13. I'm planning to buy a project car next week but it will need to be delivered to me on a trailer. The seller (private) is happy to arrange the transport but states in the advert that the balance should be paid before the car leaves him. I will obviously talk to him about this but wondered if anybody here had some alternative suggestions about how to manage this to give us both peace of mind. I'm not comfortable about stumping up the cash and just hoping the car turns up at my house a few hours later. Other than arranging the transport myself is there anything else I can do? Thanks
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