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  1. Opinions? I can't decide what side of the fence I should be on. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48564995
  2. I still haven't fitted mine. Love to know what you think if and when you get a set.
  3. Cool. Cant really go wrong with the Eibach arbs either.
  4. When bleeding follow the procedure in the factory service manual exactly.
  5. Hey, Random, and probably a long shot but does anyone have any games for the Sega Master System they don't mind parting with? I've recently started playing mine again and looking for new games. So.. what you got?
  6. Can you put me down for one as well please. All black.
  7. Shed some light when you find some please.
  8. Been a few years since I last attended japfest, but I got some tickets in exchange for designing their show t-shirt. Had a cracking day and its given me the bug for shows again. And also a massive shopping list for my zed which I was going to keep stock.. Can't wait for the next one! Thanks to @cs2000 for organising our convoy.
  9. Yep. 4th dry and still no wax. Neighbour's think I'm nuts.
  10. Annoying isn't it. I took all wheels off and cleaned them, along with headlights and exhaust tips this afternoon in between the showers. Looks like tomorrow I'll be dodging the rain again whilst trying to do the paint work. Got to fit new wiper blades and number plates as well. Busy day.
  11. Is the rain scuppering anyone else's detailing efforts..
  12. For the cost of blending the new arches (if you went that route) could you have just had the cut out and weld in option done do you reckon?
  13. I'm planning to get there for the 6:40 departure but if I miss it I'll catch you guys up. Sure you'll be easy to spot!
  14. Wow.. that's awesome work from everyone. Also very brave of you to go ahead with the 'surgery' to save the car. It makes perfect sense though if your going to keep the car long term. Looks like a job very well done.
  15. 1. Cs2000 (OO04 MYZ 2. Paul K (K50 PTK) 3 Alec K (K95APK). FN2 Civic type R ( he’s my son. Driving to his first Japfest) 4.nismoandy (WP06FNX) +catering manger. 5 jenso ( J15NSO ) 350Z GT 6. MatthewThain (FA53 FZZ) ginger 350Z 7. Seb (PRO2 SEB ) silver RAF 350z 8. Dom + Jodie (HD05OWX) Black 350z



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