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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC_o_02nfRY/?igshid=165m8t1op7baz
  2. I have Torqen 20mm on front and 25mm on rear with standard 18" Ray's and no rubbing. That's with a minimal drop using Tein lowering springs. Been on the car for 4 years and no issues.
  3. Wow. You have some serious skills. Anything with lasers gets my vote
  4. I thought that all of that rubber trim was moulded into the exterior A pillar trim piece so you have to buy the whole lot.
  5. Whatever replacements you get I strongly recommend checking them over thoroughly for any hairline cracks in the plastic before fitting. I recently had issues with 2 sets before finally finishing the job.
  6. I’ve been on the forum since I bought my zed. This isn’t exactly supposed to be a build thread, but more of a diary for me to keep track of my car’s ‘progress’, maintenance and maybe some stuff around where I want to go with it. I bought the car in 2016 with the mileage sitting at 67k. The first thing I wanted to get done was a major service. Engine, gearbox and differential fluids were replaced along with brake, clutch and coolant. I stuck with a panel filter but chose to go with HKS since apparently, it’s washable and at the same time I dropped in 6 new sp
  7. Nice, are you using those upfiring speakers for atmos - How do you find them?
  8. Nice. I have a mixture of T series and Ci series in wall and ceiling for stealth 5.1.2. Those R series are beasts!
  9. Looks cool. Probably the black paint hides some of the cable a bit too. Is this for movies only or console gaming as well? I recently installed a load of Kef items into my lounge, but as they're quite discreet they won't pack the same punch as those floorstanders!
  10. Has it got progressively worse? Just wondering how the garage never spotted that, or allowed it to leave the workshop..
  11. Glad it arrived safely mate, enjoy.
  12. At the risk of the post descending into chaos as tyre threads on here can sometimes do.. I'm wondering if any tyre gurus can suggest some tyres for my 2011 BMW 318i. Despite the 'sporty' M sport trim/wheels it's actually a very slow family car so I'm looking for safe, comfortable, quiet etc.. Current specs are: Front: 225/40 R18 92W Rear: 255/35 R18 90Y Fronts are some cheapo brand and the rears Bridgestone Potenza. I was recommended MPS4 on my 350z by members here and they're an amazing choice so hoping someone can offer some wi
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