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  1. Future plans? Or are you just enjoying it now..
  2. I'm pretty interested, but unsure if I'm jumping into it too soon with my current modifications for it to be worth while. I also dont know what dates are available. E.g. weekdays or weekend.
  3. I just checked my last order and it was the same ebay store. Size M4 x 11mm (grip 0-2mm) and they didnt work for me at least. Post back and let us know how you get on with your set.
  4. Be great if you could check size. I tried 2 different sizes without success. I'll see if I can find out which sizes I bought. Pretty sure I have them in the garage still.
  5. I have the holes in the strut tower but nothing in them for the screws to thread onto. I bought the fittings ZMANALEX recommended (cant remember if it was the same ebay seller) and they were useless.
  6. Did your boot divider come installed from the factory? I bought an OEM divider to fit my DE but my car didnt have the fixings in the strut tower. I've tried twice to buy some fixings that were recommended on the forum but they were no good. I ended up buying an aftermarket one from a trader on the forum and the fitment was perfect.
  7. Thanks guys. Great customer service.
  8. Hello, I'm selling my Cobra Sport Nissan 350Z (03-09) Y Section. The condition is very good. No holes or dents - just some surface rust that'll come off with some elbow grease. The flexis are in near perfect condition. I have a brand new gasket for the larger diameter end of the pipe, but you'll need two new gaskets for the ends that connect to your cats. It was fitted to my DE in March 2018 and on the car for around 4000 miles. No issues with MOT emissions etc. Only selling as I've just fitted a full Miltek system. Looking for £130, collected from near Chelmsford, Essex. (I have a resonated mid-pipe somewhere in the garage as well, if you're interested let me know.)
  9. A couple months ago I installed an RJM clutch pedal which only slightly improved how the car feels when driving around town. I've used lightened flywheels on other cars without trouble but my zed just didnt respond well to it for everyday driving. So today I pulled out the single mass flywheel and RTS clutch and swapped with a new OEM kit. In a word, the drive is now perfect. Whilst I was there, a new Miltek exhaust, MPS4 tyres and adjustable droplinks went on. All in all I've had a great day test driving today!
  10. Given what you've said your goals are I would stick to the Bose. I'm not an audio guy either but for something to do during lockdown I decided to replace my Bose system. Also, I had a rattle from one of the cones that I wanted to cure. What I can say is that it becomes a bit of a rabbit hole. I replaced the speakers only without new wiring, separate amp and replacement sub and whilst I notice some positive difference in quality it wasn't worth the effort imo. To do the job properly with wiring etc. it'd be even more effort and whilst the results would be infinitly better I'm not into car audio enough to care. Plus the costs can rise quickly. Replacing the front door speakers was the most time consuming part for me, as to prevent the magnets fouling the door glass I needed to make custom mounts. You also need to make sure the door cards fit over these new mounts.
  11. zelda

    300zx with my 350z

    The engine bay on the TT does look like a headache to deal with. I thought a similar thing about the TT Mitsubishi GTOs.
  12. zelda

    300zx with my 350z

    Maybe just your camera skills but the ZX makes the 350z look a bit tubby..
  13. Think mine was called shadow chrome.





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