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  1. Shadow chrome. If I did them again I'd do them white.
  2. Basildon station car park early this morning. Looking very clean!
  3. What are you planning to do number plate wise after removing it? If you're respraying the bumper have you not taken it off already?
  4. Ok false alarm. Panic over. The BMW is indeed insured with Hastings. Everything is paperless with them so I had nothing filed away, apart from the 'proposal of insurance' from Direct Line which at a panicked glance last night looked like a proper certificate. Doh! A case of too much sun and beer me thinks..
  5. Hi, Here's an interesting one. Checked my bank statement tonight and saw £330 had been paid to Hastings Direct. As my Zed insurance doesn't renew for another couple of months I checked the insurance expiry for my wife's BMW and sure enough the date the money came out was the date of her renewal. BUT, the insurance for the last year was with Direct Line! As far as I know Hastings aren't owned by Direct Line so at this point I have zero idea how personal details including credit card info has gone from one company to another.. The BMW has never been insured with Hastings, only Direct Line. If we log in to Direct Line website theres no policy information, and after doing a chance password reset on Hastings website (because we've never had an account with them) we've logged in and can see the new policy certificate. We've had nothing in the post or email from either company to tell us what the renewal price would be etc. or that we'd been passed to another insurer. Luckily Direct Line have phones open on Sunday so I'll call tomorrow but in the mean time anyone had this before?
  6. I've used them to ship a couple of times. Sent a pair of front wings and a gearbox and had no issues. As advised best bet is to check the individual ratings.
  7. I used ultra racing and have no issues.
  8. Nice work. Waiting for the next one already.. Have you changed the W brace from ultra racing to one of your own now? Also, was the cobra on the car when you got hold of it?
  9. I paid a garage to do it, and as others have said the sub frame bush was a pain, but everything else ok. I can't imagine doing this without a ramp though. It'll just be a fight.
  10. Opinions? I can't decide what side of the fence I should be on. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48564995
  11. I still haven't fitted mine. Love to know what you think if and when you get a set.
  12. Cool. Cant really go wrong with the Eibach arbs either.
  13. When bleeding follow the procedure in the factory service manual exactly.
  14. Hey, Random, and probably a long shot but does anyone have any games for the Sega Master System they don't mind parting with? I've recently started playing mine again and looking for new games. So.. what you got?
  15. Can you put me down for one as well please. All black.



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