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  1. zelda

    Stolen 350z

  2. Looking good. I found the autoglym polar disappointing as well for the same reasons. Just about used mine up now..
  3. I've never heard of this but sounds great. Can you point me in the direction of a tank? I'm not sure what I'm looking at, and everything I see seems to be inline..
  4. What about having the car transported to the garage? Quotes from shiply.com can be found surprisingly cheap.
  5. Cuvva.com? I've never actually used them but afaik they offer short term insurance for single days, even by the hour. Other than that best deal I've been able to get for myself in the past has been 30 day insurance. For a single day the prices were silly.
  6. Sorry I can't help with the settings but wondering where you got the ring and pinion from please?
  7. I paid £27. Think it was only £40 on the gate? Which admittedly was quite a lot to ask given there wasn't as much on this year.
  8. There were GT86s absolutely everywhere! Seems like they have really good aftermarket support as well.
  9. Still doesn't do it justice really. Hopefully I'll get some decent ones at Japfest on Saturday.
  10. My email from Japfest says vehicles must be on club stands by 9:30am. Are we aiming to be there by 8am just avoid queuing or something? Gonna be a very early one!
  11. Glad to see the thread resurrected! I run black diamond discs but never tried the pads.
  12. Also worth popping off the side skirts and clearing out the trapped muck.
  13. I feel like 4 hours isn't enough time so you would have to be very selective about what you tackle. E.g kidney brackets are usual suspects for rust but there's a chance they will put up a fight removing them.
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