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  1. I have the original kit they done with the plastic x stuff and the drill polisher attachment. Have to say though a similar machine polisher attachment and some t cut can achieve the same finish. Work3d wonders on my clio 182 and my last 350z
  2. Are those replics Bently wheels
  3. Pilot sports are damn fine tyres. Had then on my little clio 182 beater and that thing stuck like glue in the corners.
  4. C-Fed

    Honda S2000 - Nutcases

    Crazy mofos. Mental the price of the s2000 these days. Always fancied one
  5. So much fun in the snow
  6. Thanks for the reply. Probably should of just done these to begin with
  7. Did the new arms cure the knock? Interested to know as new bushes were fitted to my last zed and new drop links but the knock was still there over slow bumpy road. So seeing if the knackered balljoints and cones could actually be that loud
  8. C-Fed

    bedding in procedure

    Is this fairly straight forward on the brembos? I was thinking maybe change the fluid as well then bleed the system
  9. C-Fed

    bedding in procedure

    Is it normal for the brakes to feel a bit spongy the following day? I followed the bed In process (10 hard/firm stops 60 - 10) then cool then repeat another set once more. Got the nice grey blue tinge over the discs. Next day however noticed the brakes felt worse than what they were before bedding in? (Done aprox 200 miles originally just light braking to get the coating off first). Don't know what up.
  10. C-Fed

    New owner pics

    putting body kits on cars these days can be risky but that looks really decent
  11. Excellent condition only tiny marks and one bit of touched up curbing. £150 collection or can be posted if courier is arranged. Located in Edinburgh
  12. For anyone whith same issue just unbolt the lot. Job done
  13. Since getting the cobra exhaust fitted I could hear a sort of knocking noise coming from it somewhere... My first thoughts were the brace underneath but there's a good two inches of clearance thanks to th cobras design. However I did notice this bit at the rear hanger. You can see the hanger is resting on it but as far as I can see that Whole bit unbolts. Just wondered what it was before I remove it? Doesn't seem like that bit does anything?
  14. Sorted. Drop link wasn't on properly! After all that it's finally fixed. What a nightmare





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