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  1. I know this is an old thread but I hope someone else has had the same issue as me. I can get to step 3 but no further because only the passenger door unlocks so I'm unable to relock with the same button as step 1! 03 fairlady
  2. Your the man! I'll have a look at getting the keys reprogrammed and see where that takes me.
  3. Anyone had any experience solving this? its getting annoying now. I've had this issue for about a year now (appears every now and then (maybe once or twice a month), only when i start the car.. once started no further issues so ignored it) but yesterday the car was going into limp mode which was weird and today driving today the engine went into limp then cut out completely, it took disconnecting the battery for an hour for the car to start (during this period the code reader was not powering up). Once it started i used the code reader again and im getting the good old DIfference of Key p1615 code. I had a second key cut and programmed about a year ago and this has happened on and off since then. This is the first time its cut out while driving though, normally it just stops the fuel pump from priming and after about 20-30 seconds it works. Is it possible the dealership screwed up the key programming? or have i fried my ECU/BCM? Any information would be amazing note: I have pulled and checked every fuse, they are all good.
  4. Hello, just looking into why my z's auto dipping side mirrors when in reverse are not working. Same for when you have the folding mirror switch in auto they do not open or close when you lock the car, has to be done with the on or off position only. The car has had the upRev remap, is it possible this will have removed these features? or do I have a case of the previous owner messing with the electrics and screwed it up? Car is an 03 model if that helps. Thanks in advance!
  5. Oh really, that will cause a horrible creaking feeling down the pedal as well? I'll get it up on the jacks and get someone to push the clutch pedal down and see if I can hear it coming from the slave! Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, Got the unbearable squeaky/creaky clutch pedal and looking for some advice from others experience, I have seen other posts but I have tried the whole spraying the pivot bearing and achieved no results. Cold - Can just feel the creak and squeak, its bearable. Hot/warm - Super loud squeak and creak can be felt across the whole pedal travel. I had my clutch changed about 5000 miles ago (extreme clutch + smf) BUT didn't replace the pivot bearing (i know), just had it repaired by horsham instead as mine is an 03 and has the longer style bearing and couldn't get hold of 1 in time. Could this cause the creak feeling / squeak? or do i maybe need a new clutch fork? can they cause this issue? I have greased the spring etc on the pedal in the car, no noise or creaking is coming from there, its all under the car. Thanks in advance !
  7. Looking for a pair of rear non brembo calipers ! Thanks
  8. I'm talking about the spark plug seals not the gaskets which he mentions were replaced? I think? when I thought they couldnt? ^^
  9. May I ask how the seals on the purple rockers were replaced? I thought they couldn't be replaced as they are built in?
  10. You guys not going to be stocking any more blue kits in the near future I assume ?
  11. Good shout! i've pm'ed Alex and hope he has some used UK ones! Cheers for the help everyone!
  12. Cool so I can buy universal clamps ! What sort of places did you go to get them fitted ?
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