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  1. Dean.B

    Plenum spacers

    There is currently a group buy in the member traders section for plenum spacer kits, at a good price too
  2. I would like a Plenum Spacer!: Zelda Da.murf? (Feel free to remove yourself) Fatman252 Zpmc S12THP nick221992 CLASSIX skate2create Lukes350z danielb186 Kerry ElliottDavis brophy_3fiddy JDM2003 350TM mr. 350z Dean.b Just a couple more and I can start getting these made up for you guys! Any queries feel free to ask 
  3. Great day and good too see a few zeds and ppl i havent met before cheers Ian for sorting this out, such a good show. Hopefully catch up again soon somewhere
  4. Hiya, I will meet you all at the venue as we will be coming along the m6 Looking forward to it
  5. Here's mine parked up for a few pics the other day. Trying to add some more pics and update my build thread as it's been a while hah
  6. Hiya everyone really looking forward to this meet Just a quick question will you need to know before if we bring a +1, as i may not know till nearer the time. Thanks
  7. 1. 14N - Paid 2. Panman - Paid 3. Valy - Paid 4. Conlonl 5. Veilside Z - Paid 6. G1en@waxandshine - Paid 7. Pintopete58 - Paid 8. Cob1980 - Paid 9. MaxZ - Paid 10. SHEZZA 11. zebedy PAID 12.Buster PAID 13.glrnet PAID 14. davey_83 15. Humpy - Paid 16. Brophy_3fiddy PAID 17. Dean.B - Paid 18. 19. 20.
  8. Thanks to Andy and team for sorting this meeting out again. I went to the Coventry meet and that was a great day. I cant add myself to the list because i don't know how too hah So if you could please add me in. thanks Dean.b 350z SV04 KHZ Orange Yes No No
  9. Dean.B


  10. Dean.B

    Fitment help

    Anyone that can help with this please ?
  11. Dean.B

    Fitment help

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at buying a new set of work wheels as there is currently 10% off. The trouble I have is making sure I get the right sizes. I have read through some of the wheel posts already but I'm still confused on et numbers hah I was thinking of running 19 9.5 & 10.5 and have read about et20 would this be correct fit without using spacers? I am currently on standard Rays with airlift suspension and have rolled front and rear arches already. I would like a bit of stretch on the tyre but nothing silly. And the fitment I'm after is being tucked just behind the arch when lowered down. thanks
  12. Car has been much the same for a few months now, But I have now got the mesh & reflectors for the front bumper, And the car is booked in next week at the body shop to have these fitted along with having my lights tinted again and mirrors & handles sprayed black. I have also recieved this spoiler today that I finally managed to find & get hold of . As i didn't know it would be here yet it isn't book in to be fitted next week, but I'm hoping that if I ask I will be able to have this fitted at the same time. This will also be painted black. And then be ready for trax show beginning of October I'm looking forward to getting some more bits done on the car now
  13. Cheers Valy but I'm already set too go on the hondas in south stand now & is all sorted. So I shall see you there Still won't have the reflectors in my bumper though Haha





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